July 18, 2006

OH NO! Reflection of Harper's Reality?

Egads! Harper at the Stampede. Looks like his insecurity team is reflecting the 'STATE' of the world. Come on, it's not just armed forces guys on pass, out having fun who 'just happen' to run into Steve and have a chat.

And who's the guy in the fringe jacket...his press security, i mean secretary?

I've got it! Harper's new lofty weight is due to a bulky flak-jacket, mais non? He's wearing it upside down.

If he wants William Shatner's number to get one the Star Trek girdles, it's 555-0666.

Personally, I'm into the shops tomorrow to get my nifty camoflauge and cowboy hat. WOW, the fashion statement is so, so, so neo-con!

Harper should not be wearing stripes or a cowboy hat. Both make him look like a complete buffoon. Oh, that's right, he is a complete buffoon, silly me.
gooder waterboy! yikes , what if he were to don the fatigues and stetson, giving up his 'howard hat'?
Needs 2 girdles, one for his rapidly expanding middle and one for his mouth.
geeze q, maybe you could start up a mailorder business......when harper orders, send it in plain, unmarked wrapper and all.
I just hope he's not hiding an alien pregancy in plain view.
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