July 18, 2006

The Light Clicks On for Harper

During the Gr8 Scumpit, Harper couldn't figure out at first why aides told hiim he had to announce a different position on Isreal and other matters from what he'd been saying back home.

Seen here in a Newbies training session, Harper exclaimed, "OH I GET IT!!!! We say one thing to the world then can go back home and say anything we want to. This is great , guys, especially because the world doesn't check in on Canadian Press! Har har heeya'.

Soakin up wisdom with the decider, the world expert on avoiding responsibility. Steve looks like the new temp or apprentice, studying how the big boys fuck people over.
He's thinking very hard about how he is going to get all those Australians visiting Lebanon evacuated. Apparently he made a very generous offer to Howard the other day?!
q, yes, the newbie later had to stand in the corner because the big boys decided he didn't swear enough. could be too they're all staring at putin's penis before the circle jerk.

austin...i heard the deal was two 'howard hats' , 3 sheep, olivia newton-john, a toilet that flushes counter clockwise, and harper would have all aussies in lebanon on the paul martin owned evacutee ships. btw, nice photo and commentary 'quiet corners' on your site.
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