July 16, 2006

Blair Calls Stephen 'Stephen'

In what is now unprecedented protocol, England's Prime Mordial, Tony Blair, called Canaduh's PM, 'Stephen'. An Anxious Reid poll showed most Canadians were shocked and dismayed at the blatant name calling, but Heir Harper's mother was pleased.

Stephen gave Tony real, genuine Canukian earmuffs as a thoughtful gesture. Tony, along with many Brits, suffers from 'Prince Chuck Syndrome'. The two discussed such important topics as Stephen wanting to drop the letter 'U' from Canadian spelling, something Blair has been considering himself since he fell in love with President Bush. The two consider excess use of vowels as energy waste. Blair was also inquistive about the Canadian Beaver but Harper insisted he didn't know much about wildlife back home. Wife Boreen smiled.

Tea and crumpets were had at Number Ten Downing before the two snuck off on their own to Soho.

I say, rather bold of the chap don't you think, calling him Stephen and all? Is George getting jealous?
Scout you crack me up. Your humour is so needed in these turbulent times, I can't say enough to encourage you.
anon...i suspect there's either a rift now or a threesome about to happen.

scienceguy, thanks. please don't enourage me, i'm turning into a blogoholic.
But did he say "Yo, Stephen..."
That to me is the real question here.
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