July 20, 2006

Stop! In the Name of Cons !

Those clever publicists! Here we thought the whole Steve and Boreen flight to Cyprus was a political photo-op, when really it was to make their singing debut and launch their first CD !!!!! Available on Walmart shelves as of today, 'Stop! In the name of Cons' is selling like hotcakes at $11.99 with 6% gst.

Stop! In the name of Cons
Before we break your bank.

Scaby, scaby,
I'm aware of where you go
Each time you leave your door
I watch you walk down the street
Knowing Big Brother you'll meet
But this time I reveal I'm him
Leaving you sea-sick and thin
(think it over) after I've been good to you
(think it over) after i've been Gr8 to you

Stop! in the name of Cons
Before I break your bank
Stop! in the name of Con
Before I break you bank
Think it over
Think it over

I've taken away
Your individual rights
I've even arrested your kin
Maybe once or twice
But is your vocal expresion
Worth more then my next election?
But this time before I fire my arms
And set off all alarms
(think it over) haven't I been good to you?
(think it over) haven't I been Gr8 to you?

Repeat verse 1

I've tried so hard to be patient
Hoping you'd stop protestation
But each time you ruffle my feathers
You'll be incarcerated forever


Jeebus, you've captured an authentic K-Tel look. How tacky! Poor Diana Ross, she's suffered enough.
the tacky look is in part due to boreen's fashion 'cents'. looks like a walmart skirt.

not to be catty, afterall i'm sitting her in my husband's shorts and a workwearhouse v-neck.

diana may faint if she saw the cd, but, i'm sure it's pitance for the diva.
Well, you're dressing island summer casual. Boreen is an all out first lady fashion frump. Maybe she'll get the bug if she sees Condis' Prada and Gucci stylings.
i'm not so sure an okatoks ablerta gal could see beyond walmart. if she's heard of prada and gucci she probably thinks they're heads of some government somewhere that stephan can brown nose with.

aisle two, blue-light special on women's skirts!!!
I would like to ask Boreen if she was a virgin before marriage, you know, the sanctity of marriage and all.
I would like to ask her if she's still a virgin, you know, the sanctity of marriage and all.
both her children were immaculatley conceived. steve has low sperm count as his stanfields are too tight. but they prayed together and have 'the perfect nuclear family' (hmmm, candu, candu), a boy and a girl, with the son being the oldest of course.
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