October 21, 2006

Deep Desecration

Deep Integration? Why those cheeky corporations and politicians! Here I thought they were attempting to move to a more romantic setting before they fucked us and maybe even let us have some pleasure along the way instead of the virtual gang bang it's become. Imagine Bush, Harper and Fox (then his little predesseser calderon) coming into your bedroom and plying you with their corporate buddies? Double yuck, ew. But that's what's happening in the political arena and Deep Integration doesn't mean dimming the lights and spinning some slow tunes.

6N Clan Mother Kahentenitha Horn likens it to Deep Impact, and she's right on when she writes, 'The plan is 'deep subjugation' of everybody on Turtle Island to U.S. dictates.' Please read the article, you'll be glad you did.

Personally I see the scope of damage over the last few centuries as total desecration of Turtle Island , but there's a reason turtle's have hard shells. In this case the bangers have picked on a snapper, and everything's getting ready to bite them hard on their asses. Those with conqueror attitute, no matter what race, are gonna be running home to mamma witih their sore butts once the economy crashes , their wars continue backlashes, and global warming makes for bad skin rashes....then who's going to be doing the 100 yard dashes? The lads and lasses who's bashes and lashes killed too many and the ashes of injustice and tyrannical mashes that created nuclear flashes sliced them with their own swords, how's that for slashes? put them in the trashes!!!! Shout it now: put them in the trashes. Good, sing again, we don't want clashes, we want white doves and sashes!

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dear spammer,
thank you for contacting me. are you a robot? if so, please re-wire yourself to help the electronic voting stations in the GOP to spit out DEMOCRAT on the ballots. thank you.
Read some encouraging news that the Bloq would like to topple the slim Reform Party minority government over budget issues. I hope they at least wait until people have awaken to Harper's phoniness and the fact that they have been played. As far as desecration, we see the effects of it in the business community with maximum profits with as many lives ruined due to lack of or underemployment. I guess we could all flock to Fort MacMurray and work for those big bucks and live the ultimate redneck life.
waterboy, thanks for the good news about the bloc....they problaby do realize they've been 'played', but knowing thhe bloc there were some backreoom deals that worked out very well for them......can't see them doing anything for anyone unless they get something out of it.

plenty of work in vancouver right now with the construction boom for the 2010 olympics. people can come be rednecks in vancouver yet lead a semi-cosmopolitian life.personally i'd dread ever having to live in any city!!!!
It isn't deep integration, its deep PENETRATION.
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