September 29, 2006

Con Artist

Stephan Harper painting his picture of the world.

Ah yes, "Morning Dream #3". I love that work from Steve's pre neocon period. The use of lines, space and light...truly original.
q, hahaha. personally i like his 'blue period' , the ongoing series of contemplative expressions of the press ganging up on him.

the painting here certainly depicts his growth and maturation. he's come a long ways from simple stick people , the brush strokes are much bolder and the sense of shadowing more developed. it will hang at 24 sussex or given as a present to a visiting dignitary. shame, because it really belongs in the national gallery sub-basement for the mentally deranged. such a tortured mind!
OMG, scout, you're too funny.:D

Did you read creekside yet? I almost had a heart attack!!! It really is turning into a theocracy -- and the dipshit doesn't even have a majority!! WTF!!!

Harpo looks comtemplative. Can he be contemplative without hurting his brains:)

Or is he scheming how to screw Canadians and especially the poor.
jj, no , haven't cruised by the side of the creek where the hell else did i see stuff on theocons....was it montreal simon or gazateer????? lots of stuff coming up on it though, hellish devils that they are.

anon, i'd say he's scheming!!!!!! probably on how to screw everything.
All of you are right on about Stevie! Yep, he's scheming on how to screw everything, and he'll likely do manage to do a lot of it, with the Libs getting ready to elect Iggy, who's merely the opposite side of the same counterfeit coin. So we're royally screwed for the long term, I'm afraid.

In read this on CNN's Lou Dobbs tonight: ""The United States of North America? We'll continue our report on Big Business' push to unify the United States, Mexico and Canada into a North American Union with a common currency and free flow of goods and people."

Now tell me that's nothing for us to worry about?

Scout, is there any room on your island? Or on any other island? Does anyone know of an island where I can just go and hide from the mess this country is getting to be?? Any suggestions???
annamarie, i think the race is on to find such an island....either that or we all work toward reclaiming turtle island :)
Bush says that you can run but you cannot hide from him. He will get you. Canada is one of his targets. Harper is so willing to hand over our sovereignty to Bush.
anon, it's just too yukcy, them wanting a united north america, same currency etc.....blech. once done they'll want to unite with the e.u.. like some big, white force against china. maybe that's part of why they're trying to take over the middle east, to conquor and have their oil and a bigger force against 'the yellow peril'.
Scout, you're righter than you think about them wanting to unite against 'the yellow peril'. Just read Canadian writer/journalist Linda McQuaig's latest book (which I'm still reading): "It's the Crude, Dude: War, Big Oil, and the Fight for the Planet". It sure looks like the whites want to unite against the Chinese, Arabs, Indigenous Peoples, and everyone else, for domination of the globe and its dwindling resources. The only others allowed into the whites' inner sanctum plans are their global allies, the Israelis, whose help they need to expedite this process...
hmmm, intersting. although, scientifically speaking, those brown-skinned mid-eastern people are caucasian too.
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