September 28, 2006

Stephen Harper needs Avian Flu Shot

In their meeting yesterday, Romanian President Traian Băsescu flashed the peace sign and Stephen Harper flipped the bird. Romanian officials are now holding Steve in quarantine until Avian flu vaccines arrive in the country to inocculate the PM. Officials say not to worry, the shots should arrive in 2010.

OK, now that I woke up out of that dream, time to get on with some work. I'm workin' hard.

I didn't know Stevie was over in Transylvania?
It's a month till Halloween?
No doubt getting some escape tips on how the first couple can best elude the populace when the peasants try to chase you down with torches and pitchforks after an authoritarian leadership has over stretched its popularity.
"Workin' hard" -- Are you making fun of Steve's friend Georgie? "It's hard work. Hard. It's really hard. HEH-HEH!"
LOL, you guys are soooo funny! And I just love Scout's 'dream'! Wish it were real... (sigh)
q, ya, damn, i lost the news link!!!! but i think he was there to take lessons from the count on how to better be a blood sucking arse and buying romane-made nike's to flee the peasants. roamaine lettuce was on his shopping list too.

jj, REALLY!!!!!! how dare you insinuate i would make fun of Mr. President. geeeeeeze.

annamarie, keep on wishing and your dreams may come true. i think everybody better save the wishbone this thanksgiving.
It's like Julio Iglesiass' Child always said......


(in a screaming falsetto, of course)
haha, and don't forget to grab it with your pinky while you wish!!!!
Hey Scout welcome back!! Is it my imagination or does Steve-o look like the vampires already got to him. Or is that just his normal stoopid face? I can't tell. I hope it they bit him (or he bit them) That way when he comes back to Canada he'll only be able to go out at night. And we can just ignore him. I also wonder whether the Avian flu shots will turn him from a ridiculous chickenhawk into just an ordinary chicken? In that case we can roast him....
hey simon, thanks! woooooo, too spooky we did parallel posts (well, different but how many put up the romania trip?). i think the vamps did get to him with the bland complexion matching his bland personality. an rh negative for sure (but so am i, so forget that notion).

i think avian flu shots will put him in the deep fry along with colonel sander's recipe. i can't imagine him as finger lickin' good, and somehow i don't think boreen would either. good gawdess, i'm picking up here on Q's neo-con sex theories. perhaps an expanded edition of this is needed.....'ask dr. Q'.
Yep, I'll use my pinkie on that wishbone... hehehe! :)
Hi ;)
heh... what crazy comments!
what do U consider about it?
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