September 28, 2006


The candles are a lit and my dog is wondering why. Bruce at Canuk Attitude has now been blogging for two years!!! Congrats Bruce, I enjoy your site for your honest perspective of gay life and how the politics and attitudes today can affect the lives and emotions of the LGBT community. Other topics are included. Intelligent, feeling, and a good dose of reflection and light hearted humour bring me back, sweetheart!

Aw gee, thanks. I think I can still blow out two candles, my mother managed to blow out 75 after smoking for 50 years. Tip: don’t try carrying a cake with 75 lit candles on it, it’s like trying to carry a bonfire.
Happy blogday again, Bruce. Keep up the great work -- you're on my toolbar, you know. That's better than just being bookmarked - sort of like being #1 on speed dial!!!
bruce, i'll take the tip on the 75 candle cake. ew, remember the kids at birthday parties who would eat the candles?

jj, whoa, such status for our sweetheart!!!! next time he's in b.c. we'll have a hugfest with him :)
I know, toolbar, wow, I'm so honoured. Damn, I've been thinking lately that I want to back but I just got home.
Yep, you've really made the Big Time when you're on the toolbar. You're "canuktude". Scout's up there too - "harperval". And me of course ("me")
ach, all in good time, bruce! maybe we'll see ya next summer.

and gee, we both have toolbar status!!!! i cant fit even 'me' in , the toolbar's loaded!!! linked , bookmarked and reccommended, good housekeeping seal of approval (in my case, bad housekeeping).
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