September 30, 2006

Liberal's Get a New Fence

While the federal Liberals choose delegates this weekend, they've also unveiled their new fence to sit on. The good old white picket has that family feel and ensures a nice sensation up the butt while waffling. Comes with free K-Y lotion.

Ouch...and it was such a pretty fence.
To end should be a little sharper so that they have maximum fun.
Sorry! I meant 'The Top' should be a little sharper so that they have maximum fun.
yes, a pretty inviting. i thnk their last one was more upscale and made from the brass of old freighters. with paul martin gone they needed a 'new look'.

sharper tops or more well rounded :)
Yep, sharper or more well-rounded tops for sure! Looks like Iggy will be sitting there for a long time...
I wouldn't give them any K-Y jelly though... Let 'em really feel those fence-tops! Maybe make them think about why they're sitting there in the first place...
ha, ya annamarie....maybe that's why stronach really crossed...she wanted the picket sensation. and if iggy sits there for a long time, iggy-pop will have a whole new meaning.
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