October 25, 2006

Here's Our Fucker So Far...

Rasta Steve with stubble is the winner of how you'd like our fucker to look. Now for suggestions on attire, piercings, tats, etc.......just comment away and I'll take whats offered and see what I can do. This is where the voting ends and I'll select things according to what's available on google images and what I'm capable of in photoshop.

Oh boy, can't wait to see the end result of rapist at large, Steve-Joe Harper!

*NOTE....the PM had a photographer for the Rick Mercer show Harper taping FIRED because he had been critically outspoken of Harper. This via Joanne at Devil's Advocate . Talk about a sniveller!!!

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How about a worn out old suit covered in dirt. The body you have on him now is way too hot for him, it's just wrong.
Failing the dirt-covered suit, a nose ring would be nice.
bruce, ha! i mean, do you want our fucker to be slovenly in one of his baggy, ill fitting , dirt covered suits? yuck! take the hot body , we're trying to make our fucker appealing while he screws us. oo, nice halloween avatar!

jj, ya, a nose ring would be nice....i think you're on for that!
Make him disgusting so that Canadians will not allow him to screw Canada again.

Like the Mrs. Limbaugh faking it. So that is what all that noise was in the background during Limbaugh's radio show. He is an idiot in true sense of the word. I am nominate him for one of the stupid people in your list.
I meant "I am NOMINATING him."
the anon, heck, while he's still got a few months left i figure i'll make him a handsome devil (emphasis on devil). rush and so many others should be on the stupid people list,, in fact he has crossed my mind, but those guys take two guesses, so, i like to make them more obscure. those sign generators are kinda cool! i think i end up with more junk mail when i register (free) for them, but it's worth it :)
Rush would be easy to guess right now, but maybe in the future he might be a contender, eh? He definitely has the qualifications to be on the Harper-Valley Famous Stupid People List.
jj, will rush live that long.....i mean the guy's a walking stroke case. i'd hate to monitor his blood pressure. i'd have to do hiim up as 'no he is not living'.
Rush is so full of pharmaceuticals he's pickled like a lab cadaver. That fat bastard will live forever.
"bruce, ha! i mean, do you want our fucker to be slovenly in one of his baggy, ill fitting, dirt covered suits?"

Hell yeah! Make him ugly, if you pretty him up too much it'll go to his head.

And yeah, Rush would be the one to know about taking meds -- Jackass.
jj and bruce.....hmmm, perhaps i'll become a pharmacutical rep. wonder if that's in haliburton's cache of companies? i'm sure viagra tops the list for these guys.....wonder how much they have to pay for their call girls and if they use it as a tax write off.

bruce, aw come on, he's already semi-ugly. i htink it's the nose...ya, the nose is really weird. if he ever saw a pic of him as a rasta guy he'd probably vomit. hmmm....thoughts of anonymous pic in mail :)
It's not the nose, it's the brain.
pfffffffffffftttt!!!! caught me off guard on that one....gooder!
I voted for the lebret yesterday because for some reason it looked the most smarmy to me. I wouldn't mind seeing a nose ring - an actual hoop - and a lebret piercing myself, one of those pointy spikey ones that look like a small weapon.
hey coytoe! the hoop would be way better then a stick for the nose. ya , i like lebret piercings too. wouldnt mind one myself but get enough hassle as a 50 year old with eyebrow shrapnel. ah fuck 'em.....i'll get it done one day :)
Go for it! Is it different for males than it is for us women? I had no problems getting jobs with a hoop through my nose and a bunch earlobe piercings. I added a lip ring in July and wonder how that will go over when it's time to reenter the work force...
coyote...no different, i just have a husband who can't quite handle it. put it this way.....he wouldn't touch me at first so i offered to put a paper bag over my head :) .

workforce...hmmm. well, they do make putty to fill the holes while at work. in london (england) this became the thing to buy as more and more weren't hiring pierced people. and that wass in about '99.
How about a tattoo, right on his forhead,well maybe a little off to the side, like temple with appropiate right wing neocon symbol. Better late than never. Bev in BC
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