October 28, 2006

Iggy Poop - Just say 'NO'!

Michael Ignaetiff...just say 'no'! He's a pop-star, or is that poop-star? He keeps pooping on us from his loft , talking about this and that, changing his mind, but not bothering to change his shorts. He's bent on causing 'Trudeau Mania' in his guise. Everything's all about Michael. He talks in circles then circles his talks and is nothing short of being 'John Kerry North'. Academia is touting him and proud of 'one of their own', blindly so. Am I being rough on this man? Darned rights, and here's why:

Philosophy is not enough to lead a country. One has to know how to implement vision and The Igster gives us nothing on that. In fact Ig, are you trying to give us anything, or just trying to take? Supporters laud his views on women's and aboriginal rights but go to his web site...where's the beef? I found nothing on aboriginal rights so emailed asking to be pointed out. Here's the response:
There is no single section on Aboriginal issues; rather they are discussed in the sections on national unity, equality of opportunity, and citizen's rights.

If you have any further questions, feel free to write back.

All the best,
Sean Williamson
Campaign Michael Ignatieff Leadership Campaign
I went to the sections listed and same as his other sections, you can view 5-10 second video clips of Iggy talking passionatley on Human Rights. The text waxes poetic about everyone deserving equality. Nothing specific, nothing but Iggy on Iggy. At best it's a an effort in masturbating for the public. Great, a potential Liberal leader, potential PM flogging the bishop and cream coating the country. A whole new form of white-washing.

At least Bob Rae, while a career politician, has some substance. His web site is topic specific and as far as aboriginal rights, he simply outlines bringing back the Kelowna Accord. Now Iggy, why couldn't you make iife as simple as that?

Iggy's written books. That's great, but what does that do for the average Canadian or underpriviledged or oppressed? Theory is theory, philosphy is philosophy...vision is vision and a doctorate, great, a wonderful accomplishment and it certainly served to boost his career , but what does it do for me or you??? Gold-leaf frame that piece of paper, Ig, your words are words, I want the beef! To date you've only given us veal from your sheltered life. Ain't it funny how a calf can be taken and raised inside all its life and presented at the super market as a soft, tender bit of eating? That's what we're getting. And on second thought, forget the beef, give me the moose! I want something raised in the wilds and as Canadian as can be. Iggy, you lived outside Canada for too long! Can you even say, 'Eh?'.

Why re-write Canada, Ig? I've read your drivvle in the media, you don't impress me. What every federal politician keeps forgetting is it's all laid out for us in the United Nation's Agenda 21 on Sustainabilty, which Canada ratified. A strong underlying theme of this is augmenting democracy. Another is aboriginal and women's rights. Get with it people, follow the plan and IMPLEMENT. What's vision without having the foundation and framework to bring it to fruition? NOTHING.

Harvard, eh? 'The Kennedy School of Thought'. Phi Beta Kappa. Great, you're part of Harv's equivalent of Yale's Skull and Crossbones. Just what we want. A closet case of same old, same old. Let's not deny it, Igster, one doesn't achieve a teaching position there without playing the game. This makes you 'John Kerry North'. Your flip flopping, especially on war, and support of 'lesser evils' that supports Bush tactics, shows you are nothing but veal. Who's backing you, Ig?

Bob Rae may not be the greatest, and the Kelowna Accord is not the be all and end all when it comes to aboriginal rights. And while Agenda 21 serves to bolster the indigenous cause, the U.N. is at odds with itself with it's recent declaration of 'keeping indigenous people's in their place under the disguise of recognizing oppression' b.s. , if you want 'lesser evils' then Rae is it.

Iggy, Iggy, Iggy, you change your mind more then you change your clothes. How or why some of the public is buying you is beyond me. Quebec sovereignty was not a strong issue until you decided to buy liberal votes there and poked the half-sleeping bear. You're a 'Great White Hope' and the overemphasis on education these days (all market driven but don't tell a die-hard acedemic that) places you as a true contender, save that you've hung yourself more then enough. Ex roommate Rae who's lineage isn't QUITE as impressive and education DOESN'T quite match yours will probably beat you out. At least Rae doesn't use who his father was in his campaign, get off the teat, Ig. But think how many books you'll have sold!!! Don't count me in as a customer.

Iggy website.
Rae website

Iggy Wiki.
Rae Wiki.

I'm Scouty-Pooping on ya for other links, just google his name. Heh heh, I'm not a politician :). WAIT, I relent and will pass you over to Pogge.

*NOTE I don't know what's wrong with Blogger this weekend, (errors in posting but it does, then I havent been able to delete multiple posts) but I'm working on switching over to Wordpress. Wordpress has an 'import feature' and sure enough all my posts were successfully transferred over. They do warn to BACKUP YOUR TEMPLATE and anything else as a precaution. Wordpress users report no or little downtime.

Yikes! Blogger burped a couple of times there. Some weirdness happening on blogspot today... damn beta. Grrr.
Oh great. I couldn't post all day cause blogger was fucked but they let you post this 3X...fortunately I like Iggy Pop, not Iggy the neocon:) grrrrr for me too.
jj, ya, i'm slowly switiching over to wordpress, as update of post says.....can't say i get infuriated as it's a free service, but certainly can be frustrating.
q, my apologies then for photoshopping ignieateff onto iggy pop! and yes, iggy-poop is nothing but a neo in disguise.
GOOD GRIEF scout!,

I take a night off, come back to see what is new and have the HALLOWEEN FRIGHT of all my life! You need to post a preview warning...one could have heart attack seeing such an image!
Blogger has been a total problem tonight and then I came here and saw Iggy Ignatieff on Iggy Pops body with fur no less! Ugh, my gay sensibilities are getting totally fucked up. The thing that really pisses me off is he looks much more appropriate on that body, Scout, you have to stop doing this to me.
Aww, where'd all the Iggys go. I didn't mind seeing 3 pics of Iggy's bod... can't say I even noticed the face. ::blush::
bill, it is a bit frightening, but so is the Igmonster. perhaps i'll post a warning that says, 'therapist guidance recommended' , that'll get most over the scare :)

bruce, i just keep fucking up your gayness, don't i? well, i just couldn't leave iggy-pops body alone, it didn't fit iggy-poop. and if you check igmeister's brows he's gotta have a bit of a mat on his bod. what, you like bears?

jj, oh dear, the face did get a bit hidden. and YES i finally got to delete the multiple non-orgasmic igs. whew!!!! i'll find time yet to get totally set up on wordpress. copper work's calling though, i got a bowl accepted into a native art gallery, yay!!!! now if only 'word' would cooperate and i could get my card for the bowl printed up. may post it later in the week to do 'show and tell'....always my fave kindergarden subject :)
scout - off topic - what kind of copper work do you do? Do you have pictures? I'm a bit of a fanatic about native art (I have some masks and prints, done by friends - I doubt I could afford Hill's prices).

Big congrats on getting into the gallery BTW!
You do copper work? Oooh, I want to see pics, I love native art, especially west coast native art. I go broke on it every time I go to BC.
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