October 26, 2006

U.S. Soldiers Speaking Out Against War, Some Refusing to Fight

Via Mother Jones comes this Reuters report that some U.S. soldiers are protesting Iraq, and some refusing to fight.. Gee, wonder why? Ma Jones also reports on an ex-marine who heads up the Veterans Against Iraq', a group that is growing in numbers. Gee, wonder why?

I'm sure Georgie-boy will shut down a soldier's right to speak up soon. Perhaps he'll issue duct tape left over from the 911 scares and throw some more $$$ 3M's way. Who owns 3M anyways? Must be a good cowpoke buddy. Oops, did I say cowPOKE? Ah well, beastiality is good for all the little mark of the Beasts running around in competition for the anti-christ job. Cheer up George, there's a heiffer waiting around the corner for ya.

*NOTE....via Robert at My Blahg comes notice of Ode to the Court Challenges program: the progressive poetry blogburst from Pogge. Pomes, poems, lymerics, hykus...as long as it mentiions the Court Challenges Program - ech, go read the rules yourself!!! There's some fun and serious stuff up there (yours truly went the serious route), but give it a whirl for 'the cause'.

Scout, thank you for all the compliments for I guessing #12 stupid person.
The guy in this update beats them all though when it comes to stupidity. He gets all the awards.
the anon, you deserved the accolade, sans site. and you're right, hes the world's unbeatable champ chimp chump.
Poor Georgie, nobody likes his war. Boohoo. The Chimperor's gonna have a bigger things to worry about when the impeachment hearings start [fingers crossed]
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