October 27, 2006

CBC, CTV, National Post and Globe and Mail all say number one Best Blog is Harper Valley

Four major Canadian news sources all voted the Harper Valley Blogspot as the winner of the coveted "Golden Keyboard' award for 2006. Site creator, Scout Vagabond, was not present at the awards ceremony, citing something about The Sally Ann as having been cleaned out of clothes for halloween, especially formal dresses.

When I awoke from that nightmare I was sweating profusely. Egads, I'd been posting serious commentary on world events and doing so through the lens of the Lloyd Robertson's of the world. How horrendous! In one part of the nightmare I was driving a higher end Toyota, complete with cell phone earpiece and Prada wardrobe. And it gets scarier! I was putting lipstick on at stop lights and hairspraying a lovely bufonte hairdo!!!

To make matters worse I pulled into underground parking at my condo and and entered the elevator with a double latte mocha cappucino espresso americano. There, right beside me, was a woman in a burka and darned if she didn't look like a dog!!!! I was really uncomfortable. Worse yet, it was friday and I had my red power blazer on and the coffee spilled on it when the elevator made a rude bump on the 21st floor. That was it, I was suuing! I mean, what if it had of spilled onto my pink razor phone???

Now you can see why I was sweating so hard. Now you can see why I posted this nightmare....hah heh heh, mwa hah hah, snortle, crackle, chuckle, grin.

*NOTE, great piece by Bruce at Canuk Attitude over the Vancouver Postal Workers walking out to refuse to deliver anti-gay hate literature.


You just had a nightmare of transforming onto a YUPPIE! Take several shots of single malt tonight and just go to sleep.
bill, i thought yuppies drank bonjour cabernet merlot savagnon de salle de ban rouge aperitif merde. (1996)
I loved your nightmare.Well,what if they were normal?I think the nightmare would have been real!ahahah
jeff, now wouldn'tt that be wonderful if they were normal.....Lloyd Robertson and crew in jeans and reporting the truth!!! by gawd, i think you're onto something.
The Golden Keyboard! Well, congratulations, even if it only was a dream/nightmare. But you never know... you might just have a real award coming up in the near future (cdn blog awards)!
i'm betting on best blog for the 'living on an island in a suite of an old house' award....i think i have a chance!!!! schmooze for me, will ya?
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