June 23, 2006

All's Well in Canada

On behalf of the Canadian Government, Stephen Harper apologized to the Chinese who were made to pay head tax. Harper says there will be 'symbolic payment'. OK Stephie, is that another way of saying you might be willing to dole out a measly couple of grand or so?

Has anyone heard the Canadian government apologize to First Nations? Please point this out to me if I'm wrong.

The Chinese get an apology and money. The Japanese were given and apology for internment by Brian Mulroney, plus compensation. First Nations genocide continues, there's no apology, a coin gets tossed to compensate residential school survivors, education, health care etc. (read 'Ripping up the Kelowna Accord' by Watch for Falling Rock).

It's good the apologies were made. I'm not knocking that. But check out the attitude towards First Nations Rez School compensation by some. And there's always nice moves in some academic circles to squash info on the continuuing genocide. Hey kids, don't forget to tell mom and dad the world Peace Forum in Vancouver wouldn't let 'Genocide in Canada' be addressed.

Sometimes it's a bit overwhelming to live in such a 'NICE' , peace-keeping, polite, law abiding country! Let's see, where did I put my free flag from Sheila Copps.....I think I need it as a hankie to wipe my heart-warmed tears.

Thanks for the links for Hidden From History - lots of summer reading material there; lots to learn; lots to grieve; lots to figure out re: what role one can take in agitating to address this crap. You're doing your part, Scout.
i always thought blenders were good for aggitating. make sure you plug it in first though :)
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