June 20, 2006

The Apprentice a Quick Study

Canada is stalling the UN on Indigenous Rights.. Well thank gawd Jim Prentice is a quick study and knows to go along with 'The Boss'. Just think, if he were a dim-whit he couldn't say all the intelligent, thoughtful things he does, why, he'd come across like a pin-head!

But the good lord blessed Jimmy with common bloody sense, so now Harper, Howard and Bush can all stall the UN talks while they work on getting all those documents pertaining to legal land claims, The Kelowna Accord, Rights and Sovereignty issues, into the shredder where they belong (with the Kyoto Accord).

Jim, my best advice to you is to get a little help. Try calling 1-800-BIGOT.

thanks to annamaire at verbena-19 for bringing my attention to this.


June 20, 2006
Ottawa, Ontario

Public events for Prime Minister Stephen Harper for Wednesday, June 21st are:

3:30 pm – Prime Minister Stephen Harper will lay a wreath at the Aboriginal Veterans Memorial Ceremony.

Confederation Park
Laurier St. And Elgin St.,
Ottawa, ON

The Aboriginal Veterans Memorial Ceremony recognizes the outstanding contributions of Aboriginal Canadians who served in Canada’s military. More than 7,000 First Nations, Inuit and Metis people are estimated to have served in the Canadian armed forces during the First and Second World Wars and the Korean War.

• Open to media
double barf! Thanks cheezwhiz for bringing it to our attention, even if it does make us barf. Harpie is such a hippo-hippo! (as in hippocrite-hippopotamus... sp?)

(annamarie gets up from pc, gets star newspaper with picture of hippo-hippo, goes downstairs to basement, empties cats' litter-box into pail, puts hippo-hippo's picture in litter-box, dumps back odiferous litter on top of hh's picture, comes back upstairs to pc, only slightly mollified.... must get up and barf again, have to find another hh picture... :(
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