June 21, 2006

solistice/aboriginal day

sarcasm aside, we all have our 'tribal roots'. if you have time and haven't already researched your pre-christian roots, this may be of help. there are many non-native souls who stand alongside native rights, yet feel they don't have the 'right' to voice their opinion. not so, it goes heard and appreciated.

understanding your own tribal roots and the destruction of your ancestors beliefs, ways, customs by roman christianity (not to mention the myriad of killings and witch hunts) may help you gain the confidance to use that voice.

the link above was done on a quick search, i'm sure there's better ones. anyways, enjoy solstice and take part in or do honour to aboriginal day in your own way (i'll smudge and say prayers and thanks).

Thanks for the link! Very interesting indeed. I always felt an affinity for Native Peoples, know I know why...

(BTW, I just noticed that I don't have you linked on my blogroll, so I will put you in now.)
and i expect a full report on your tribal routes!!!!! :)
That photo -- kinda reminds me of this movie I saw once.
damn it havril, i went to the link and read the review but can't see any photos.....then again maybe it's just the premise you're referring to. EW! let's all lance jim prentice!
Yes, let's all do that!!

I'll send you an email about my "tribal routes" as soon as I have a bit more time.... :)
best regards, nice info »
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