June 24, 2006

it's just me....that's all.

This one was inspired by Meaghan's post on June 24th, at Somena Media, entitled, 'Ok... got it now....It's an INSTALANCHE'.

While it certainly may not have been her intention to move me or anyone this way, like her, I've been contemplating the whole 'Blog Phenomena' the last few days and decided to remove my B.C. Blogger links and whatever else one I had (progressive bloggers? canadian bloggers?). No offense to the people who created these links, they do a great job at keeping them updated, and a lot of work goes into it. It's handy too as i was able to just click and take a quick cyber walk to check out sites.

However, I've grown increasingly annoyed at the 'status' some seek, unmitigated attacks amongst so called allies, projections of superiority, and other behaviors that make me go, 'barf.....isn't what we're supposed to be doing is moving away from all this crap???'. Hence I created my own 'i just blog, that's all' jpg.

Sorry to all the linked sites that are 'just bloggers' too, this is just my own little way of protesting some big b.s.. As time goes on and I check out more sites, get used them and all, I'll add to my own links. Feel free to comment if you're 'just a blogger too'.

So thanks Meaghan for letting me finally sort some things out and make a decision i've been pondering. but hey, you'll never get me to click on all your 'here' 'here' 'here's' :)

It's a really pretty and subtle but effective jpg, Scout.

Good on ya for following your heart on this.

Peace, baby.
thanks, H20child.
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