June 25, 2006

Caledonia, Caledonia, Why do you Treat me so Wrong?

Caledonia Upate from Hazel Hill
Hey kids, t-shirts and pro-made signs for the whole family!!! Order online at http://www.bigot.com. Delivery not guaranteed because those stinking Injuns might barricade the Post Office.

Scout, check our link on this one...didn't work for me. I have the site in question marked though, so was able to read the update. THanks.
eh heh....one lousy little letter missing in my html. thanks cheez. any idea when html will morph into 'just do as i say'?
Scout, you are the best!
How about:

Is we is
Or is we isn't
Gonna send those
Injuns to prison?

with bars and question marks for emphasis, of course
waterbaby, you're hired, bring your own lunch!
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