June 27, 2006

O'Connorgan's Isle

YES! Seems we'll be getting three new Naval ships at the low, low price of $15 billion (not including taxes). Can't wait for them to join our others in the Gulf. O'Connorgan, you must be one happy sailor! Here's the all-star crew of the first delivered ship, The Beano.

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale,
A tale of an acid trip,
That started from this humid port,
Aboard this tiny ship.

The mate was a mighty sailing scam,
The Ripper a grave boor,
Five passengers set sail that day,
For three tons of manure.
(three tons of manure).

The press they started getting rough,
Sir Conrad was at a loss
If not for the bullshit of the fearless crew,
The Beano would be lost
(The Beano would be lost).

The ship set ground on the shore of this unchartered Canuk bile,
With O'Connorgan,
The Ripper too,
A millionaire, and his knife,
A moving czar,
The professor and StockyAnn,
Here on O'Connorgan's Isle!

(Starring (right to left): Stephen Ripper, Rona Glambrose (along for the photo-op) Conrad Blackmark, Peter HisWay, Gordon O'Connorgan, Doris, and the Professor as himself because we couldn't find any Cons who could fill his shoes).

I totally love it! Can't stop singing the tune. I don't know how you do it with the pictures and all... your computer skills and creativity have no limits..

If I can manage to do it, I will link to this post from my site. My skills leave much to be desired.... :)
oh annamarie, you could do it if you really wanted to.......you probably don't have enough desire and time is all. i'm self taught on everything regarding computers......just went, 'ok, this is a machine, that's all, it's not going to blow up'.

from there i embarked on photoshop and basically just started clicking on things and figuring it out....i've a long ways to go but heck, big deal and all that.

besides, you get to boast that whiz friend of yours who helps you out and has designed one of the neatest looking blogs around :)
Yep, Dale sure is great! What would I do without all his help??

I'm self-taught on this thing too -- the whole 'computer thing'. Being a neanderthal :) I started late, only a couple years ago. My son showed me how to turn it on, then left for a trip to the East Coast. Here I was alone with this machine, staring at it and trying to figure out what to do next... (Luckily I have 24-hr phone tech support from my cable server, and they talked me through setting up email accts, etc. at all hours.)

I didn't get my website up till a year or so after that, and the first version of Verbena-19 looked much different, as I set it up all by myself. Didn't look too bad, though it was a site with a bunch of green dots, and an empty Links field, for I didn't know (and still don't, until my friend starts them off) how/where to put the HTML codes into my template. But by some blind luck, I mucked around and managed to put in my photo that you see, all by myself!

But I still had probs with links & html, so most of my earlier posts had lots of broken, messed up links, if any at all...

My present site layout was the joint work of Dale Mugford and Richard Kastelein (he's the site whiz of the journalist Chris Floyd at Empire Burlesque, a great site). Kastelein started it off & made it look good, and Dale put in the other stuff. Then I had pc probs and lost almost everything, and Dale luckily had some of the code, so he rebuilt it. Now, sometime soon, Dale will be redesigning it all in WordPress, and it will look all different. Then he'll come over & show me what to do, so I don't screw up too much (hopefully).

So you see, you did yours by yourself and look at all the wonderful stuff you do!

Anyway, to get back to your post, I managed to link to it, and also sent out emails to friends about it and told them to check out your site, as it's so good! You are the number 1 for political humour and parody in the Canadian blogosphere. Plus I like your style of writing.

The ships, oh what a bargain! We taxpayers are surely getting a deal. $15 billion plus taxes.... Meanwhile the working poor (and poor) have to do with less and less, barely able to survive ...homeless rate going up... And no money available to relocate Indigenous People to where they at least have non-toxic drinking water (Kashechewan), and screwing Natives out of their land... etc, etc.. ad nauseam
Man, that is one ugly Ginger.
Well done!
Oh, this is tooooooo good! Thanks so much for the laugh!
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
ha, i deleted my own comment by mistake...good one!
cheez, i bet you never knew till now that ginger's last name was mackay.

berlyn, thanks, let's see, one laugh, that's 5 cents please

scout, way to go you twit!
Those naval ships were announced by the Martin Government back in 2004.
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