June 28, 2006

Queen Makes Secret Phone Call to Governor General

Women Title Holders to Governor General....be sure to read the letter from the Queen's Senior Correspondence Officer below the Clan Mother's letter to the GG.

England's paparazzi caught Queen Liz making a secret phone call to Canada's Governor Genereal Michaelle Jean over the Six Nation's protest at Caledonia.

Recording devices picked up the following conversation:

Liz: Michaelle Jean?
MJ: Oui?
Liz: This is the Queen.
MJ: OH! What a lovely surprise, Your Majesty!
Liz: That's an interesting name; Michaelle Jean. Philip and I were wondering if you're a lesbian?
(Big Blank)
Liz: Nevermind. It's about those two bit whores who call themselves 'Clan Mothers'. Let's just referr to them as ladies, shall we?
MJ: Yes Your Highness.
Liz: You're a darky who likes to keep her place, isn't there anything you can do about those untamed beasts?
MJ: I just refuse to answer their letters, emails and phone calls.
Liz: Governor General, may I remind you that your duties include soothing the savage soul? Can't you send in some DJ's to blast music whilst the Army gets ready to kill them?
MJ: I'll see what I can do. Quebec has just declared itself a nation, which overrides all indigenous rights. Maybe I can get Celine Dion to sing to them before they die.
Liz: Excellent! Philip and I were wondering if you'd be interested in a Royal tryst.
(Big Blank)
Liz: Nevermind. Proceed "Holding the Fort" as you colonized like to say!
MJ: Merci, Your Majesty.
Liz: Please, cut the french. As if the "Royal We" don't have enough to deal with across the Channel. Thank you Michealle Jean, perhaps if rules change we may knight you some day.
MJ: I'm a woman.
Liz: Heh hemm! One never corrects the Queen. Cheerio, I have to walk the corgies. Mum's the word on this.

Order you copy of the DVD at http://www.queenspotting.uk only 45 LB !!!!

Definitely cheap at twice the price.

Or is that weight?

(still laughin')
and rated PG, so your kids can watch it too, gaz !
I had my credit card ready, but that darn link won't work. Maybe you can fed-ex me a copy. VHS if you have it. Otherwise, Betamax will be fine. Thanks.
havril i've got it on 8mm , do you have a projector? my beta's being used along with the 8 track to prop up some shelves that were leaning.
sorry. damn those missing links!
Greetings from my vacation, Scout.
Keep on keepin' on!
I've got a belly-ache from all that laughing!! Hehehehe! Yes, please fix that link. I'd like to order one too... VHS, DVD, 8 mm, whatever... :) Ooops, I forgot, my Beta is on loan to the local Ladies Tea & Crumpets Committe... (a very British group of stalwart matriarchs with blue-grey coiffures, who are using it to show tapes of the proper etiquette for serving tea and crumpets, just in case they get an invite from HRH Queen Liz ... :)

Scout, you are too hilarious for words!

Cheezwhiz, you have a nice vacation!
philip and i choose to eat watercress sandwhiches today, covered with a light coating of maple syrup for that 'colonized' touch.

afterwards we'll be viewing 'upper canadian loyalist twits' and old reels of 'candian hinterland'.

Best regards from NY! » »
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