June 25, 2006

The Queens birthday....Continued

The Queen's birthday celebrations continue. While her official 80th BD kick-off started back in April (the 21st is her actual date of birth), galas and events continued and the next 'big bash' is/was today.

"The Ultimate Children's Party", held at the Palace gardens, was to host 2,000 kids and 1,000 adults selected by ballot. Included was an all-star show about the Queen losing her handbag, which contains her speech. I'm sure it was extremely well done and all delighted as Cruela de Ville and Captain Hook stole the handbag and Harry Potter and the Famous Five came to Her Royal's rescue.

The Queen will then made her entry after the speech was recovered, and she read said speech. Maybe it said something like this,

"Phillip and I wish all you youngsters the best. Remember, Britannia still rules. We may have granted Scotland it's own parliament but still refuse to hand over the purse strings because, after all, they're still Scottish. Never forget our superiority and that the inferior colonies must do their best to keep the quaint indiegnous peoples in their place'.

I'm sure the stead-faced monarch will continue celebrations throughout the year. Wonder how much the whole thing will have cost????

Meantime Britain's homeless still go homeless. Policiallly they're quite organized but I haven't heard of any large protests (then again I haven't been keeping up on Biritsh News). At least they have The Big Issue' magazine to help somewhat (and where this graphic was liberated from). The Big Issue has been published for many a year now and homeless people (or houseless as Hawaiins call themselves) can become licensed sellers and profit plus be eligable for all sorts of programs. The Big Issue ain't quite what it used to be, mainly featuring articles and art by the homeless then becoming de rigueur for well-known writers and artists submissions and expanding into an extremely large outfit.

I guess the expansion has allowed for better profits, which equals better programs etc..

Meantime, er, ah , Happy Birthday Liz. What will be done with the leftovers?

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