July 14, 2006

It's a Smelly World

GAWD: I've had enough of you major religions who pretend to worship me. Quit your fucking warring (damn, I swore again, the angels and Moses will be after me!).

Hey, pull my finger!

My best advise: take two stone tablets and call me in the morning.

I followed your comment from The Kalamalka Rainbow and I did so ever enjoyed myself here. You brighten up my reather dull day.
ha, thanks david. hey , i read some of your poems .....there were some really captivating lines and imagery.
You're right Scout. Religion is stinkin up the joint, like a baby blue leisure suit and white shoes.
How dare you make fun of The Lord. Shame on you!
ezarus.....how dare you NOT make fun of the lord! hey, no shame, there's enough of that in this world.

better double up on the stone tablet prescription :)
q, oh no, not the leisure suit!!! i can't even look at that pic, i shouldn't have made it. that does it, i'm putting myself in photoshop jail.
Damn if this isn't the only genuinely funny "pull my finger" joke that I have ever seen.
An odd distinktion I know...
groan on the pun alison!!! one has to reach pretty low to do a 'pull my finger' joke. considering the state of the world, well, you get the picture. exuse me, i have to go find my 'made in china' by an american company nose plug.
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