July 22, 2006

Kiss me, dahling

The Rosy Lipped Batfish. I found this on Pharyngula. It's a cool site to drop by as well as many others at Science Blogs. This site is like a web ring of scientists, a lot of it admittedly completly over my head, but a great source of info and there's constant political debate over neo-con's trying to enforce creationism. Lot's of good laughs too.

A fantastic blog yours. Keep it up.
If you have a moment, please visit my africa art site.
I send you warm regards and wish you continued success.
thank you very much, and i see by your site you are from nigeria and need money instantly transferred to your account. will do (eye roll).
wait, is that my life savings you want? o.k., roger wilcox.

gotta love the spam...
Send me money too. No time to explain and the batfish is disturbing.
the batfish is.....intriguing and distrurbing. wouldn't want it as a screen saver.
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