July 21, 2006

Leba-non and Iz-unrael

Preparing for WW3 (The last one). Don't forget to stash lots of good comedy books. Oh, and toss out any political shit cause things will never be the same after. One more thing...EVERYONE looks cool in sunglasses!

Is that the secret password to get into your rapture shelter? Pass the canned beans will ya?
shhhh! damn you q, now i'll have everyone knocking at the shelter door!!!!!!!!!
Jesus, Scout, I haven't seen that site before.
Why do we have to be so scared of everything all the time? I just refuse to live my life being scared of everything.
The real threat is global warming. EVen if all the conspirational history stuff is true...we can only live our lives. The indisputable reality of climate change is at least something we can all do things to change, at the level of our own homes and vehicles, as well as in taking a more activist role in politics (I use the term loosely), educating people, getting out the word.

Now I see why you didn't like my using the term 'new world order' once before. Will have to spend some time looking further into the site.

My instincts tell me to focus on concrete things I can do to make a difference. Not sure that spending time and energy worrying about such a conspiracy is going to make a difference for little old me, but other things I can do something about in my own ways.

I see you are as prolific as ever :) BRAVO
always go with your intuition, cheez, always go with your intuition.
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