July 21, 2006

Slow News Day

As the tensions of getting the first load of Canadians out of Lebanon has died down, this gives us the opportunity to catch up on some of the Harper meetings at the Gr8 Scumpit. Steve's meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel went well, and here's an exert from a tape recorder hidden in the shoe of Get Smart, seen next to Angela.

Angela: Vell Stefan, I can call you Stefan, jah?
Harper: Ve shall have to check vith my mamma but go ahead because I vould like to brown-nose vith all Gr8 members.
Angela: You are so very handsome, you I would allow to rub my shoulders.
Harper: Ho ho, sank you but ze Lord says in ze Ten Commandments not to do zis.
Angela: How do you do it, how do you sway your people so well?
Harper: Vell, first I go all baby-like und make ze press not ask me questions, und zen I rip up zings like accords as Heir Bush has taught me
Angela: Please, don't mention ze creep!
Harper: Ho ho, Angela you women's liberation types! Anyways, you'll like zis part, then I lift my arm like ze Furher....hang on I show you!
BOTH: Ho ho, har har, hah hah hah!

Haha. I think Steve is teasing Frau Merkel with his right hand, threatening to come over and grope her like Herr Bush and she's saying, haha, try it und Boreen vill have to sew em back on boobie.
One of those rare moments when dear Prez actually cracked a smile, it would be delicious if they were talking about what an idiot and utter embarrassment G.W. Bush is as a leader, and I use that term very loosely in the same sentence.
q...jah, und boreen vould be vearing her valmart special vhile she cut zer boobie's hands off.

VaterBoy, vell you know how it is ven you are a con und must be reserved or your makeup vill crack und ze geeg eez up! i sink heir harper vould not like if his hero was to be made fun of, even by eva braun-merkel.
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