July 28, 2006

Please Don't Feed The Injuns

Update From Hazel Hill

There go my vacation plans. Any update on the moose sausage?
I’ve been over that bridge in the pic a few times, somebody should tell the white boys around there that mullets died out years ago. I have friends there, she’s Native & he’s Australian. It’s been very interesting for them over the past few months, she grew up there but none of the locals will talk to her anymore even though she had nothing to do with the current troubles. Her husband on the other hand, is everyone’s best bud, even with his funny Australian accent. They spend a lot of time at home now, it’s too bad, they’re a nice couple.
q, gee, and i know you were looking forward to some caledonia pizza.
the hub just got back. he wasn't even fed any moose sausage!!!! this amounts to calling for war against saskatchewan. it is a measured response .....no moosesausage= emply larder.

bruce that so sucks. mullet hair = mullet mind. the news back there is STILL rousing up the locals thanks to dweebs like jamie west of the infamous am900. i urge people to write responses to his continual hype and never stopping to actually check the laws.
the mayor of caledonia was on hamilton tv last night expounding fear. Pathetic.
You're good stuff and you're certainly on top of these issues which are very important to me too. Thank goodness you're covering them because I'm so busy in my blogging corner that I can't. Thumbs up! for being intrpeid, relentless and humourous despite "it" all.
I'm still in discussion with my friends, I really don’t want to offer any more comment until I hear from people I know on the ground. It’s been difficult for them and they would rather I came to celebrate their birthdays and see their kids and this whole thing never happened. They don’t want to deal with it and I can’t blame them, but I know that what’s coming out of the press isn’t the whole story. As if that’s a big revelation.
cheez, oh great, not marie trainer....i had an interesting email back from her office last week (although mine was sent april 12). it was basic 'thank you for your thoughts, we'll take them into consideration'. not that i expected anything else.

timethief, i spent a day on the land (out here) with one of the main clan mothers last year. she's awesome, a radical still at retirement!!! and you're keeping good stuff going on your blog....all those cool enviro issues!!!

bruce, it's kind of like when i went to ulster, you don't bring up 'the troubles' ...it's up to them (but boy do they go on about it when they do!!!! ). and they're right, a day of celebration is just that. have fun !!! and ya on the press....basically they haven't reported anything from six nations perspective.
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