July 25, 2006

Supreme Beings Conference

I got to wondering how the Supreme Being of Christianity, Islam and Judaism are portrayed by various artists. This called for a jaunt into Google Images where a myriad of paintings, photos and goofy things met my eyes. Each search for Allah, God and Yahweh brought up animals named after the deities of the major religions who are partaking in major wars.

I thought I'd lay down these pets in a pasture of green, but only Yahweh the cat was somewhat prostrate. Then I imagined their conversation: 'arf, woof' 'meow, prrrrr' 'whinney, neigh'.

And from that we should all heed their lessons.

That explains much, like that OM sound my cat makes. And those crazy questions early in the morning like, what is the sound of one hand clapping?
It's the mind control that gets me. Now if only they could magnify those powers so they could FORCE us to heed their lessons
Yahweh chewed my power cord?
q, do you say prayers to a dog, cat, or horse?

ame, the s.p.c.a. had plans for that

cheez...yes, that litle kitten is yahweh. and here you thought he/she was a mere feline.
Q does not pray, like Nietzsche I'm suspicious of a god who needs to be praised all the time. I have many pets and love all animals, well you know, as soul mates, nothing kinky like the Harpers and their weird missionary shit. Again, yuck.
haha, well, praise be to animals anyways (dogs rule!). and the kinky-harps, i think their partaking of the deviated missionary position explains a lot. weirdo perverts!
Hahahaha! My sides hurt from all the laughing! Thanks! :)
BTW presently I have cats, 3 of them. My place being too small for dogs... While I often cuddle these felines, I don't really praise them, for they don't do anything really praiseworthy... leaving dead mice on my small back deck doesn't count, as it makes more work for me, picking them up and putting them into bags & trash... yuck!! Does that make me an 'unbeliever'? :)
3 yahwehs??????? geeze annamarie, you're looking for blashmy charges.

ah come on, the dead mice are presents for you. cook them up, salt , pepper and a touch of basil make them excellent appetizers!
Why do they not get along? There is so much trouble in the world because of these dietis - feline, dog and horse.
anon, it's just a sad, sad story. when the world was formed, horse dog and cat were one. then arguments started about hooves, paws, retractable claws. this led to fights about furballs, matts, and grew into vegetarian vs. carnivore. the list is now endless.

and they put animals in zoos?!?!?!?!?!
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