July 23, 2006

Steve, Boreen and Neo-Conology

After a few weeks of a hectic shcedule inlcluding kowtowing to Bush, the Gr8 Scumpit and single-handidly rescuiing Canadians in Lebanon, it was time for Mr. and Mrs. Harper to take a break.

Seen here at the MKULTRA Tanning Salon, The Harper's got a quick blast and Scientology-like zap as reward for upholding Focus on the Family values. L. Ron Bush gave the approving nod.

The Mr. and Mrs. were heading out to Winners to beef up their wardrobe afterwards, then for a quick bite at Tim Hortons to help support Canadian troops in Afganistan who are out of donuts.

They're a nice looking couple in this pic. They remind me of Brad and Janet in the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
damn you again q. i was just taking a drag on my cigarette (dirty smoker that i am) and choked and sputtered while laughing.
Let's do the Time Warp again...back to the fifties, as Steve and Boreen would have it.

btw, the name Boreen just makes me laugh every time I see you use it. It's one of those things :)
Check this out from the Wahington Post, July 21/06:

"The administration's strategy is to let Israel do the dirty work of breaking Hezbollah and then move in a foreign "stabilization force" to bolster the Lebanese army. Once Israel has pushed the guerrillas north, this international force would help the Lebanese army deploy to the southern border with Israel and the eastern border with Syria. The plan is for a beefed-up successor to the existing United Nations force in southern Lebanon, known as UNIFIL."

"The administration's informal deadline for getting a U.N. mandate for this new international force is July 31, when UNIFIL's current mandate expires. The French now command that force, and the United States hopes they can remain in that role, with new troops coming from such robust military powers as Italy, Turkey and Canada."
interesting....and i see today that israel is calling upon NATO to help them. hmmm.
There's a MKULTRA Tanning Salon down the street. I believe it's a frachised outfit.
frachised, geeze, your typos are as bad as mine! anyways, i'm going to apply for a franchise license then....if you can't beat 'em, nuke 'em!
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