July 23, 2006

The Joy of Cooking - Quick Condi Rice

Utensils: One large cauldron, wooden spoon, Cupid's arrow, Patriot Missile, ladle.

Ingredients: 120 lb. U.S. Secretary of Defense, (can substitute with 120 lb. sacraficial lamb), 1,000 lbs. of carnage, 2 ounces salt, 5 stalks celery, 6 lbs. carrots, 8 pounds lentils.

Directions: Send the main ingredient to the Middle East and let cure for a few days with Patriot Missile smoke. Chop vegetables with arrow and add to cauldron. Once cured, place main ingredient in cauldron. Add salt and stir with wooden spoon. Cook on high temperature for a few daze. Dip ladle in and make sure lamb is cured. If not, send for electro-shock therapy and add 12 boxes of valium. Let steep for years.

This is a difficult recipe as the cure rate of the main ingredient can vary depending on how long it's been in the stockyards. Experiment a few times and as always, the more your love goes into your creation, the better the after taste.

Allison just reported on Ms Rice's about face: ceasefire giving in to Hezbollah and now, two days later, must have ceasefire now. MacKay has developed a parroting habit around his dominitrix and we are waiting for him to parrot: "Canada's committment to an immediate ceasefire." I guess we're going to "give in to the terrorists" after all.
PS, given the fact that Ms Rice has done a heckuva job drumming up contempt for the US in her role of Secretary of State, I'm sure they will welcome her with open arms in the middle east. She ought to do a day trip to Iraq as well, to see how well things are going in the "war on terror".
and we can believe anything ms. rice says too!
Rice-a-roni: the Beruit treat.
Can you put it in the microwave?
yes, if you use anything other then a metal pot.
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