July 25, 2006

National Encryer - Boreen Tells All

Click on the pic to read "Missionary Impossible".

No wonder Boreen's bored and yuck. Hate these trash tabloids but you have to read them anyway. Well, he'd better watch out or some day she may cross the floor, unsatisfied... to the other side, and I don't mean to the Bloc.
The Bloc couples do it that way so they can both watch the hockey game. Steve likes hockey A LOT - what's the problem? I think maybe Steve's just not a multi-tasker type.

(Frank's in the mail, btw)
q, steve considers that boreen has at least crossed the line with the interview. she begged to be spanked but the most he could do was turn her cheeks the other way.

cheez, you could be right....and think, if he watches the oilers he's got all the makings for the butter scene from the last tango in paris. this interview could mean the last tangle in ottawa (will await frank's arrival, will my husband be daunted by his presence?)
Nah, but he'll like the cover :)

Had an audible laugh over the Boreen's cheeks comment - haha
A good pic of Harper on this site:

You are too funny for words! Cheez comes second in a photo-finish! Thanks for the laughs! I really needed that... :)
jerk, the link is dead.....maybe you could check the url again.

annamarie! i don't know, i think it's a dead heat between me and cheez, us both being cadavers and all ...and here all this time you thought you were posting to live people :)
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