July 24, 2006

Immaculate Misconception

U.S. Secretary of State CONdoleezza Rice is in the Mid-East for Piece talks (you get a piece of this, I get a piece of that). After likening the war striken Israel and Lebanon as the birth pangs of a new Middle East, Rice set off first to Lebanon then Israel after delivering a spanking fresh baby Region. Rice insists the father is God, but President Bush is denying his ever having slept with CONdi and says her use of model missiles may have something to do with it.

The recent drama over Georgie dumping Rice for Tony Blair then moving on to Steve Harper has paired Toni and Condi. Somehow the jilted attracted each other... Tony being head of the Labour Party may have a lot to do with it. At any rate Condi's now talking ceasefire along with Tony, demonstrating their strength as a new couple. Blair has no aversion to helping with the newborn.

The British PM says he may consider siding with Bush if Bush calls him 'Tone'. Rice says she'll also think things over if Mr. President will continue to supply battery operated Patriot Missiles, which have a far superior effect to cigars.

The way they're treating that baby...I'd be calling children's aid.
OMG. Do they make Prada maternity wear?
Where can I order the battery powered missile?
Your probing nature has outdone itself. We'd be better off in America if more like you had the insight and humour for very distrubing world circumstances on our government's part. A very colorful site!
q, good point. maybe this is an issue for them rather than the u.n.

cheez, it's rumoured that's what she wore before birth, with just a hint of bling so it wouldn't take away from the immaculate belly.

anon, http://www.vibratingpatriot.com

scienceguy, oh har har on the pun. i think the u.s. has plenty llike me but like you canada is just temporarily outnumbered.
scienceguy: you may want to check out www.bettybowers.com for a humourous American perspective on American neocons.
Friends passed this on to have a looksee. As a never-retired feminist I confess to uproaring with laughter.
I'm still laughing at this one, Scout :) Couldn't stop thinking of it as I watched the news conference from Rome this morning.
anon thanks for the link for scienceguy and me too!!

grapevine, glad condi could give you a chuckle. personally i've ordered two of the battery patriots.

cheez,hate to get pesonal but were you, ah, watching the news singlehandely :)
Regular channels not available. She will need cesarean section otherwise the baby is in grave danger.
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