July 28, 2006

ROCK ON, SISTERS! The Answer is Blowin' in the Wind

Cool Six Nations Women Title Holders serve Notice of Seizure

These women rock! It must be close to 150 days they've held their land at the Henco site at Caledonia, despite the OPP going in, using tasers and billie clubs on unarmed men, women and youth. The RCMP and Army have been on standby in close proximity, the U.S. has had their ATF up spying on them, Judge Marshall has made bogus coury orders, which have been ignored. Locals have hurled garbage, rocks, racist comments, Premier Dalton McGuinty tries his best to clamp them down, Caledonia Mayor Marie Traynor and negotiator David Petersen have shown their racist stripes.

This and dealing with the elements of weather but Six Natiions holds strong, which is a message to us all not to loose hope in the face of adversity. The Clan Mothers are inspiring, to say the least....and if anything, the work towards Native Sovereignty will grant us ALL liberation from the powers that be in the illegal nation of Canada.

Some of the best things you can do to help:
Subscribe to MNN News
Put an MNN Banner on your site
DONATE to the Mohawks holding the land:
Money, clothing, walkie talkies, tents, blankets...to enquire
email Hazel Hill
or Jaqueline House


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