July 29, 2006

"Still Crazy, After All These Years..."

BBC - Bush-Blair team unshakeable as ever. Article commentary on Blair's recent visit to the Whitehouse, "The two men had clearly spent their private meeting making sure they would sing from the same hymn sheet in front of the cameras."

B&B's comments in a few years when they're finito:"Ya, but we sure had some good times."

They are close but Blair has clarified many a times that they are just friends nothing more. In case people have wrong ideas.
anon, yes, and condi referring to bush as her husband a few years ago meant nothing. anyways, i think this is a sweet pic of two old washed up cronies reminiscing about the good old days.
Scout, it is indeed a great pic. I come to your site for a laugh or two. You are very good. keep it up.

It is ongoing joke about the nature of relations between Tony and Dubbya and Tony says they are only friends.

Rumours were that the previous Pres of Russia Borris Yeltson was in love with Condi. She broke his heart and he took to drinking and that was end of him.
It is a sweet pic but the violet pants lavender jacket combo are hot!
anon, thanks, i'm always working with the 'alfred e. numan within'. in this shot i wasn't actually thinking of all those B&B love affair jokes. was merely thinking, 'ya know, if things were different and we didn't let leaders get away with the stuff they do, then these guys would be washed out bums on the street. as it is, once they're out of office they'll make a ton consulting and giving speaches.

q, i admit, the outfit is divine. i've gone and ordered a set for hubby and put him in intense aerobics so he can qualify for the buff zone.
Scout, you are the best. First thing in the morning I check your blog for laughs and you never disappoint me. And there is a lot of wisdom what you say. These bums, Bush and Blair, will make tons once out of office, no doubt. That is the sad part. Killing innocent people in Iraq and now encouraging Israel to kill innocent people in Lebanon. Over 25 children killed by a latest bombing of Israel of Southern Lebanon plus women. Who says crime does not pay. It is heart breaking.

Then we have Harpie who is Bush's lapdog.
anon...haha, lapdog, i love it!!!! perhaps we could coax him around to better behvavior with some milk bone....worth a try :)
Scout, you are way too funny!! Like anon, the first thing I do is look at your blog, though I may not always have time to leave a comment. You are the best on the web! I love the great pics and your wonderfully witty commentary. Keep up the great work!

BTW, I'm having fun imagining those two -- Wacko Busho & Stevo J. Lapdog Harpo -- as bums on the street. (No disrespect for Harpo Marx intended.) I know it won't happen, but I can dream, can't I ...??? hehehe... :)
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