August 26, 2006

Con Solution To Poverty

While Canada's surplus is up, poverty levels are rising, which the National Council on Welfare calls 'morally disgraceful'.

The Con solution?

Harper: Hello rich child. Now, remember to pray for the needy while you're eating.

It is very unusual that he even remembers poor. Poor suffer from the culture of defeatism as he said about Atlantic Canada. This cowboy is too busy with his little horsy and has very little time for anyone else. Yes he does have time for a fellow cowboy Bush, the trigger happy one.
Very good post, Scout!

People like Harper and his American neo-con counterpart Dubya go through life blinkered from reality. If they happen to see poor people, as Bush did after Katrina, it's from a safe distance, sort of like us peering at ants. That's probably how they see the poor: as mere ants. Bothersome, but easily squashed (starved) out of existence. No, these paragons of neo-con virtue haven't a clue about the harsh realities that their policies bring about.

If you look at the pictures of the area devastated by Katrina a year ago, you will see that not much has changed, except that some casinos catering to rich tourists have been rebuilt. The poor of the Lower Ninth Ward are still denied entrance into their abandoned buildings, even though they weren't badly damaged, and the people are more than willing to make small repairs. No, they are not allowed past the fence built around the 'projects'. That is where a golf course, or some other such amentity for the rich, will be constructed.

Harper-Bush=clones of one another. The general, voting public must voice their concerns about these inequalities. Don't they realise that they are merely a paycheque or two away from the same fate themselves? Judging by their apathy and silence I guess they do not.

A small, isolated, far-away island is looking better and better all the time... Now if I could just find it...
anon, well you know how it is, grow up in ontario with an oil accountant father, move to alberta, study under flannigan, become a cowboy-bush wannabe. could happen to anyone (NOT)

annamarie, i'm looking for that island too. perhaps it's the one we have to live in our minds to ward off these creeps.

btw, check out annamarie's commentary on poverty at ....very well done.
One may choose to learn much from observing an ant. They work together for their common good as one example!
Bill-muskoka, if regular humans observed the illustrious ants, we would work together for the common good too. We certainly wouldn't have the problems we have. We'd look out for one another, and wouldn't have poverty, and corrupt, uncaring governments would have no power over us...

Scout, thanks for the plug! The island is already in my mind, and I escape there every so often, actually more and more nowadays...

There is frequent commenter on my site, FreeCyprus, who has an interesting discussion going at his blog:

about:"War In Iraq - Death Squads & Democracy", and he's asked me to pass along that he's interested in hearing more views from all sides. I wrote a comment on there last night.

Anon, I like your comment!
bill, hey nice to see you here! maybe all those flicks about the insects taking over weren't such a bad idea!!!

annamarie, 10-4, will check out your link.

and have a gander at bill-muskoka's new blog
i think it's right up your alley!
I remember an old movie, probably '70's or '80's called 'The Hellstrom Chronicles' in which Dr. Hellstrom forecast that the cockroaches would inherit the earth. Knowing how tenacious they are, I do not doubt it. It was, of course, set in the Cold War period when everyone thought the morons were finally going to Push the Red Button!

And here we are again today. Two total wack jobs, one in WDC, and the other in Tehran, not to forget the other one in NK, all playing with a grenade which has had the pin almost pulled out!

I bet some are cleaning the cobwebs and spider nests out of their old bomb shelters, eh?

Personally, I refuse to OH MY GAWD! NO!, Nooooooooooo! Its back! That horrid song 'Duck and Cover'! Eeeeeeeeeeeek! I thought I killed off those neurons?

Excuse me while I go bang my head against the wall! LOL
He surely need to remember the needy,and sooner the better because from my experience nothing lasts forever and destination ballot is always amazing.
bill, easy, easy...deep breathes....wait no, there's too much pollution. ok, take a nice swim in a lake, no forget it, mercury levels. ok, continue banging head and self-lobotomize. then find a nice cockroach , give it a name and call it 'gawd'.

jeff, this is true but i hear rumours he's appointed jeb bush as chief electorol officer. oops, i wasn't supposed to let that info out yet :)
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