August 24, 2006

Mike Harris Ipper-try-to-wash-your-hands

The Ipperwash Inquiry investigating the shooting death of Dudley George in 1995 by an Ontario Provincial Police officer has wrapped up and a decision will be made by the end of the year. The focus of the inquiry was whether former Ontario Premier Mike Harris infuenced the OPP to at the standoff to remove protestors.
Aboriginal lawyers cited Harris as lying 17 times about a meeting that took place hours before the shooting.

Says Harris, "Look. I'm just a guy like anyone else. Just because I say 'fuck' alot and don't like injuns or their stupid protests and claims doesn't mean I have influence over a bunch of cops. What's the big deal over sharing my single malt with The Men In Black, b.s.'ing around and saying I want a scalp or two? Shit, everyone takes it so seriously when I say stuff like, 'Or you'll loose your job and end up in cement boots'. It's a joke, get it? This whole thing has just been sensationalized by redskins, sympathizers and the left. They wouldn't know a joke if they were tazered by one. I'll be cleared, I'm not worried. The same people who make a lot about this probably think Caledonia Wakeup Callis some KKK organization. Get on with life and let Upper Canada rule. Hey, pass the Glen Fiddich!, and make it neat or you're fired!"

"Aboriginal lawyers cited Harris as lying 17 times". Only seventeen times. He must have been pretty quiet then and said only 17 words during the meeting. He thinks he is John Wayne and shooting is his game.
anon, i do believe you're right on the 17 words spoken :)
Yep, I believe anon is right about the 17 words too.

That Caledonia Wakeup Call site is something else, isn't it? The events at Six Nations have served to remind me that contrary to popular American opinion, Canada is not inhabited by a bunch of pacifist 'leftie' hippies. We have our share of racists, bigots, ignorant hate mongers. Tragic, sad, true!

btw, I'll be taping that CBC Ipperwash 2-part special for you, just in case. If you do watch it somewhere in the meantime, no probs, I'll keep them for my video library. (Hopefully I'll remember to watch & tape my mid-life memory being what it is... :)
**That should read: "watch & tape[comma] my mid-life..." (too late, not making sense, better get to bed :)
hope you had a good sleep :)
Yep, I did, at least somewhat better than the night before... :)
ah ha, so the old 'turn off the computer an hour before bedtime' trick is working. i promise to try it tonight. promise promise promise.
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