August 25, 2006

Mwa Ha Ha

Warren Ellis has a great scheme on his site on how to screw anti-gay Christians in the pocketbook
How To Screw Some Evangelist Maaggots Right in the Wallet. He's layed out a step by step guide to securing freebies from 'Focus on Family', items that are intended for auction :). Just do it!

I checked it out. What a good idea!
Great idea, but it will take a while, Focus is rich beyond imagination, mostly due to gullible people and obscene tax breaks. Their leader, Dobson, is a prick who is on speed dial to the chimp.
it tempts one to join just to recieve their propoganda and post it. ew, couldn't do it, yucky yucky.
I had to barf several times after looking at their site. ugh! yuck! Sick bunch of s.o.b.'s.
careful, they could invade your dreams!!!
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