August 19, 2006

NO!!!! Is Mainsteam Media FINALLY Getting It???

For the first several months of the Six Nation reclamation at Caledonia there was a mainstream media blackout (oh dear me, we can't have corporate media upsetting Ward and June!!!). Now that the Clan Mothers have seized back their land that Ontario Hydro has illegally built windmills on, the media is slowly starting to understand.

Natch the press will now be accused of 'going liberal' by the CONdemnationists. Look out, Steve-Joe, cause red, white, black and yellow will be standing tall on this one!!!

The snail's paced slowness of the corporate mainstream media is often infuriating. Finally, now they are beginning to see what has been right there in front of them all along. Better late than never, I guess.

Theft of First Nations' lands has gone on since settlers first set foot on Turtle Island. It is high time to listen to the People's concerns and address their long-outstanding land claims and grievances. Colonialism has no place in the 21st century. Anyone who cannot see this is beyond moronic.

Justice must be served, oppression must be stopped! Enough is enough! May the Clan Mothers rule!
Scout I have to thank you for opening my eyes to the Clan Mothers. I agree with Annamarie, they should be in charge. Our system is a farce.
annamarie, seems if msm doens't conjure the story themselves they don't get it until it's up their nostrils. the news editors get their orders to follow from the corps. then they rebel when outsiders like bbc report differently. (not that bbc has 'gotten' six nations either).

scienceguy, no prob, and ya, the system needs to be raked over the coals, thrown to the dogs (if they can digest charred system), and true democracy put in place. the clan mothers rock...i'm waiting for a cd from them :)
"Do chickens have lips?"
I haven't heard that in years
Will revive it here.
Nice line to give to Clan Mother, suitable to aim at stupid media.
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