August 22, 2006

Hockey Trading - Oilers Go For Power Play

The Edmonton Oilers and it's farm league, The Tamil Tigers, are upset over recent allegations of weapons trading. U.S. government agents arrested several Canadians, accusing them of trying to purchase missiles for the Tigers.

An anonymous Edmonton Oiler said, "Man did they get this one wrong! All we were trying to do was get the new SA-18 hockey stick to our farm team so they'd have the right equipment to play with. Seems we've drawn on all the good Russian, Slavic and Scandinavian players, so we've set up a deal with the Tigers to help train them and draw from their pool. Ya gotta have the right equipment for training, eh?'.

The Tamil Tigers are quite the team by all reports...their reputation supercedes the Jamaican Bobsledding Team, and the Oilers should be continuous Stanley Cup champions with their new farm league of players.

U.S. agents had no comments at this time.

As usual American authorities got it all wrong. The Edmonton Oiler spokesperson did not divulge all the information. The Tamil Tigers were just getting ready for fireworks after the next win of Edmonton Oilers. Now can these guys not have some fireworks to celebrate a victory.
anon, yes, i'm glad you've revealed the rest of the story, i was remiss on this :)
You gotta be kidding me.
Well.. No one ever said the left didn't like terrorists.

As a side note, the Oilers could/would/should kick the living shit out of the Tigers...
The Tamil Tigers will just have to get the weapons they need from where every team that sucks does...
KnightofGoodMrIronMan said..."Well.. No one ever said the left didn't like terrorists."

Contrary to what the right thinks, we on the so-called left don't like terrorists either, believe it or not. It's just that some of us dare to question the "Fear Card" that's trotted out ad nauseam in the hope of causing mass hysteria and mistrust of others, and the sheeple's blind, obedient following of our leaders..

Since Bushco started its GWOT, everyone with a different ideology -- or just simply a few nut cases -- is labelled a 'terrorist'. It's very convenient. Saves having to deal with the real issues that are facing our societies, like poverty, AIDS/malaria/TB, oppression, genocide, unjustifed wars, exploitation, political and corporate corruption, imperialistic, greed-driven foreign policies and ill-conceived domestic policies, injustice, erosion of civil liberties and human rights, raping and plundering our planet and depleting our nonrenewable natural resources, global warming, environmental toxins, pollution by multi-national behemoths, and so on.... So excuse us for being sceptics. You know the old story about the boy who cried wolf...

Scout is merely putting a humourous, witty, parodic spin on events. Laughter is good for you, didn't you know? Try it!
why thank you annamarie!

hi knight! haven't seen your smilin' armour in a while. sheesh, don't you remember i'm not 'left', i'm against party politics......come on, you're young, at least i have mid-life as an excuse for my memory :)
just crusing to your page now, haven't checked out your kim jong news in a while. how is the korean napolean doing?
Well said, Annamarie. Bush is the biggest and the most dangerous terrorist on the planet. If he kills hundreds by one-ton bombs (or bigger) then it is ok and people who are fighting for their lives are terrorists. Strange logic.

I believe he is carrying out genocide in Iraq and he is encouraging Israel to do the same in Lebanon and Gaza. State sponsored terrorism and extremely fatal to its victims.
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