August 25, 2006

CORPulent Con

Harper: Two things.
RCMP: Yes Sir?
Harper: First there's a brown-skinned, Canadian-born man wearing a turban to our left of the center guy.
RCMP: Yes Sir?
Harper: Fire him. Second thing.
RCMP: Yes Sir?
Harper: Does horse meat taste good?

That is the kind of small talk Harper will make. I suppose he has been feeding himself with horsesh*t so long and now he wants to taste the meat also. By killing a horse would he not threaten his staple food - horses*&t.
i think you meant to say 'stable' food. rumour heretells boreen is getting him a feedbag.
Too funny for a comment! hehehehe! :)
annamarie,ah the joys and wonders of photoshop.!!!
Great blog! I just found it. Love the off-colour jokes, don't get these much anymore. And you use them so well.

Keep it up!
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