August 21, 2006

Blog Around the Clock...Circadian Rhythms

What, no photoshpped pic? Nope, no time!!!!

I went to physio today and she asked me how I was sleeping. I told her not well and that my circadian clock must be off (thought i was a bigshot saying that). She asked me my habits before bedtime and i told her i was on the computer a few hours before hitting the hay.

The phsyio said, nuh-uh, i have to get off the puter an hour before bedtime and wind down with a book (like, real paper in my hands???). Apparently my circadian rhythm is off because the computer screen throws off too much emr's from the screen, keeping my brain active for too long. So, I'm willing to try this novel idea of a book read before winkin' blinkin' and nod. Pardon the pun. No don't, I did it on purpose.

I started learning about circadian rythm from Blog Around the Clock. It's way over my head, being a right hemisphered gal and the left hemi well atrophied. But I do manage to pick up the occassional thing there, and remember that REM and all that is tied in to circadian.

So, goodnight, I don't have time to cruise around all the sites tonight like I usually do. This may reduce the luggage under my eyes to mere bags.

p.s., check out alison's recent rant at Gordo at Creekside. oops, past my cut off time!!!

it didn't work. i left the computer for about 3/4 of an hour, started twitching and came back on for half an hour. geeeeeeeze!!!!
It's hard now to believe that I lived for ten years without hydro or phones outside of Revelstoke, but I did drink coffee right up to bedtime.

Now I go nuts without the technology, I shut down the computer before bed and wind down in front of the TV. It seems to help, I can't go from the computer to bed.
Well scout, at this point someone who cared for your mental health would suggest an intervention...but you're needed for answers on 'stupid people', so have another kava.
Circadians pretty much control us. I worked night shift for a long period of time...never did adjust to it. That clock is so engrained that it is very difficult to change.
A lot of universities and colleges have now given up the battle of 8:30 am classes in an effort to acknowledge that teens/early twenties are periods when circadian rhythms naturally undergo huge swings - telling their nubile young bodies to stay up late and sleep in late.

Maybe you're experiencing a second childhood...??

Have you tried some combination of a cup of clear chamomile tea, a good backrub, and/or a carton of ice cream? Counting sheeple?
bruce, what's with this tech addict bit??? your comment got me wondering what i did before we had a computer and i was a voracious reader. when i attempted to do without the computer last night i picked up the paper and it felt so yucky on my hands. if i'm going to read book again i'll probably have to get a pair of gloves and be some modern female version of howard hughs or glen gould.

q, you're right, i have a duty!!! and kava mixed in the blender with coconut, ginger, coco and a natural sweetner is tres excellente.

bcwaterboy, does anyone adjust to night shift? i remember reading years ago about 'night nurse syndrome' where the graveyard crew would do weird things, have memory loss etc. hmm, not good for that profession!!!

cheez, whoa, interesting!!! it's actually my 18th childhood but i like to keep that secret. oh ya, i was eating ice-cream...and drinking half a cup of coffee. hmm. counting sheeple, ya, that's a good infinity number.

well now that i know more about circadian , or at least the word, maybe i'll be able to give up some of my bad habits. but tonight i'm at my sister's in cresent beach so will have to be off the puter earlier then usual. and they've got a tv in the spare , haven't watched any in a long time!!!!
Enjoy your book honey, Im sure it'll be special. I haven't been able to read paper in years. It's a piss off man.
bruce,at least we're not alone! what a bizarre evolution technology has created! i watched tv instead, which i'm not used to doing. i still woke up after 6 hours but went back to bed for a couple. the luggage is still under my eyes but hopefully in a week it will look like just carry-on (clear plastic, no drinks, toothpaste etc.)
Scout, thanks for letting us know about the circadian rhythm thing and puters. Maybe that's my problem too. I sit on here far too late into the night, and then when I pick up a book in bed, my brain is still in overdrive, so can't concentrate on what I'm reading. I'll try shutting it off an hour earlier, then wind down with some hot milk or herbal tea, and then the book. Maybe that will help. You know the probs I've been having.

And trust me, your baggage is nothing like mine, guaranteed! Mine are so big and heavy that I'd be charged for extra luggage at the airport! :).... not that I plan to fly anytime soon, as without my water bottle, chewing gum and eyeglass case I'd be totally lost on the plane. Yeah, I know they give you water eventually, but that takes hours of waiting in line and on the plane.

anyway, if/when I come to visit you, I'll be taking the train. Nicer, slower, scenic and more enjoyable.
annamarie, shhhhh about train travel, they may be onto us!!!
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