August 18, 2006

Willy Wonka Wannabe???

In a nice break from the doom and gloom, Auntie reports that a U.S. man fell into a vat of chocolate and got stuck. Ya got to love the BBC, they report that it was dark chocolate.

Well, if you gotta fall into something, what's better than chocolate? And dark chocolate, at that. My fave. Now I gotta go see if I have any around... :)

Yep, gotta love the BBC! They have a sense of Brit humour.
annamarie, personally i'd prefer to fall into a milk chocolate vat. and imagine the british being so .....british :)
Indeed! hehehehe :)
Death by chocolate, especially dark chocolate.... Mmmmm. There are a lot worse ways to go.
j, easy,'re making it tempting!!!!
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