August 17, 2006

Stupid Famous Person #2 WINNER!!

anon, the one and only anon, guessed right

that means austin's blurb comes down and i post no write up on anon's non-site...hmmmm.

anon, email me with your address and i'll send you something stupid :)

Scout, viola! I actually won something.

Yes your clues did give it away and there were some very good questions from your readers.

If Idi Amin was half as bad as media says that he was then he was pretty dum. However, difference between him and Bush is that Amin screwed his country only through his stupidity while Bush has the capability to destroy the whole planet and so far he is doing a very good job of that whether it is through his international activities or his policies on environment.

As far as award is concerned I will like to remain anon. Others asked good questions. Austin asked good questions too. May be she should get the award again. I will be happy to transfer that to her or whoever else you feel should get it.

It is already sufficient award to visit your blog and get few laughs.
well anon, that's your choice , and so be it. glad you enjoy visiting the sites....your comments and others make it what it is :)
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