August 16, 2006

Three "Planets Unto Themsleves" Discovered

Three heavenly bodies are up for presentation as a draft before the International Astronomical Union, who decided 'what is or is not a planet'.

While the public is being told the names of the celestial orbs are Gabrielle, Xena and Charon, Whitehouse sources leaked that the official submissions are Condi, Bush-X and Dick. It is speculated that the space shuttle may try reach Planet Dick by 2012.

Real funny.
All these new planets. Were they launched from the Whitehouse? What will happen after they reach planet dick. Will the sun shine through or will it get crapped over. Shoots, what happened to rumsfeld. No planet for him.
What did planet Condi say to planet Dick? Hey, doesn't planet BushX look like Uranus?
Condi might have said:

You need a condo. I am afraid of STD.
You'll never find Planet Dick, it's in an undisclosed location.
No, not at all. It is located in the Whitehouse basement:):)
ok, it's obvious i don't even have to make posts with you bunch of jokers hanging around.

but while we're talking about uranus...i think planet bushx looks more like a hemmaroid. planet dick used to be venus but cheney hijacked it into planet penis. condi may as well be pluto with the amount of ice in her veins.
Scout, you are way too funny! so are the commenters here. :) :)
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