August 28, 2006

If Only They Were Normal - #9 - Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran has beefed up nuclear weapon capability with the operation of a heavy water plant.

If he were normal:

"These war pigs suck ass. The dark lizards won't reign anymore, I'll play until every last weapon is sent back to hell and the doomsday clock is set to one minute to peace. I'm gonna move the groove of the Mid-East jam up a notch and make it a battle of the bands. The muscle of iron will compete against the unplugged and the people will decide. The people, man, nothin' more important than the pepes. Winner gets to shit on the Whitehouse steps. Justice for all! Headbanging for peace, man, headbanging for peace!"

I'm sure I have that album but I'd have to search a lot of milk crates to find it.
Their old stuff is not bad. I find the latest album to be too "poppy".
It will be nice if he says all that and does all that. However, no one should be allowed to have nuclear weapons. Especially no missiles in the hands of imbecile Bush. America wants monopoly on all the destructive weapons which can destroy the globe many times over. Why?
q, i thnk that cat of yours looks quite pyshic....perhaps you could rub it's little hat and tune in to which milk crate. good gawdess, i just remembered a cat we had years ago who ruined album after album as he insisted jumping on the turntable. shit, he wrecked a lot of good stuff.

havril!!! you've risen from the , ah, something! nice to see your smiling hand! i agree, they've gone way too poppy (you little wordmeister). i don't think i know any of their songs, save for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad cover version of scout zombie's 'world, what world?'. (the only reason i know the name of any metal bands is due to a boyfriend our daughter had. he had me read the lyrics to several as was trying to get me to understand the genre. i was really surprised by the social activism in most, a very nice surprise and some damn fine lyrics too).

anon, why???? i consulted my twin, dr. von vagabond, who says, 'it''s a suicidal wish. these people are very disturbed'. thanks doc, we kinda already knew that.
Ahmadinejad looks quite normal in these pics, much improved.

No, no one should have nukes for any reason, but then again, everyone already has, the most of them being in US hands. Israel isn't too shabby either. So indeed, why can't Iran have them for their water? After all, they are NPT signatories while Israel is not.

US is blowing it out of proportion, with the urging of Israel. The two partners want to reshape M.E. which includes a Greater Israel. Bush is just itching to attack Iran and never mind the severe consequences. He'll likely do it before his term is up in '09. Crazy maniacs!

Scout, you do the most amazing things with photos!

US is blowing it out of proportion

Yes, today Iran's President asked for an uncensored TV debate with Bush. The White House (what a perfect name, eh? We never should have burnt it down...Then it would still be called the Brown House!) responded, expectedly, per CNN, The White House called the offer to debate Bush a "diversion" from international concerns over Iran's nuclear program!

They live by NIMBY and NIH down there you know?
Let us not forget that nuclear power is their NPT signatory right. So far they have broken no rules regarding this. UN and US are getting out of their way on this one.
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