August 10, 2006

A Whole New Way to Pack for Vacation

Realizing packing for flight travel now has stringent measures, the manufacturers of KY Personal Lubricant will soon be producing their product in baby bottles. Spokesperson Harry Balls feels his customers should not have to suffer just because a group of thugs volunteered for arrest for a bomb scam to have their other charges of rape and theft dropped. Mr. Balls is a cousin to the U.K's. Ed Balls, economic secretary to the Treasury, who froze the volunteer's assets.

Harry Balls says, "It shouldn't take long and we'll have the new packaging. That means our shoppers can safely bring their lube aboard, espcially if they are British-born but Pakistani-looking randy youth. The Mile High Club is still a popular pastime on overseas flights."

Given that flight is involved, I'm surprised Astro-glide didn't come up with the gimmick first. Ya gotta hand it to those folks at Johnson & Johnson!!!

Excellent, they don't want to ruin Rush Limbaugh's next vacation.
What a nasty world these guys are making.This is the world our own leaders are creating.This is the world our next generation will inherit.I bet soon,there will be no air transportation again,trust me,soon.We will have to walk to DC!
My gut is splitting. Half a dozen friends emailed me your site and I kept putting it off. Now I'm sorry as it will take forever to go through! Please keep this going we need the humour in these trying times.
You had me at "harry balls"... :D
How Tony is going to travel without his drinks with him.

I agree with Jeff Msangi. Thanks to Bush who has jeopardized the world peace. You do not go and invade countries illegally and then hope nothing will happen. Although these people who want to blow up airplanes and kill innocent people are terribly misguided. However, what Bush is doing in Afghanistan and Iraq? Hundreds of innocent people die everyday because of Bush's illegal wars.

Sorry Scout, I come here for laughs but this makes me very angry. These stupid, misguided and retarded leaders.
q, very astute of you . lucky i had swallowed my second sip of coffee as the 'pffft' laughter your comment induced would have had java all over my screen.

jeff, they are messy little arses, aren't they? i still feel once they've done themselves in 'we'll' be the ones creating a new, great world for the 7th generation. 'lest we forget' will take on a whole new meaning.

j, ah hah! a sucker like me for those stupid names. what were some of the old childhood book joke ones.....'Creepy Night Sounds' by Rusty Bedsprings....if anyone hasn't checked out 'unrepetentant old hippie', click on 'j''s name or my side bar....some great humour and insight there!!!

anon two, thanks. for split guts please go to the emergency room. in fact there's an er page i've been checking out lately

anon, i think that's part of the plot....airlines are losing money so they can now sell all these items aboard.....juices, toothpaste, sun tan oil...product product product!!! and yup, the leaders are retarded and fucked and people are dying so let's dance, laugh and's either that or a double dose of anti-depressants.
I just heard on CBC that you would no longer be able to wear any kind of clothes on the plane:):) Just birthday suit as clothes comes under carry on.

I think I will travel lot more. It will be fun.
All of you are so right. And Scout is incorrigibly funny!

Guess my relatives in the old country and Aussieland will have to wait a very long time to see me. My sorry ass sure ain't gettin' near any airport anytime soon... I won't travel anywhere without my hand-sanitizer, bottle of water and my 2 pairs of eyeglasses, one of which is usually on my nose, the other in its case so as not to scratch/break those expensive mothers. So now eyeglass cases are not allowed either. EYEGLASS CASES!! WHAT THE F*** HARM CAN YOU DO WITH EYEGLASS CASES??? Talk about instilling mass hysteria, paranoia and fear! Yep, keep the sheeple in constant fear while whatever rights they still have left are completely abolished. Plus it's easier to control them. Retarded leaders Bush-Blair and now Harper are sure doing a heck of a job (sorry Brownie)!

On another matter, Scout, I see what you mean about the pop-up window in comments. That's another thing I don't know how to do. (Btw, Blogger must really dislike me for some reason, as now I can't even post a comment on my own site. It wants 'word verification', but there's just an empty space with NO WORD to verify! I'd take off that verification if my site would let me, but it's still not functioning normally and it is pissing me off, making me not even want to post. Hope Dale gets that WP thingy up and running soon... :( And THANKS on that other thing. I saw that you did it. Muchos, muchos gracias and appreciated! :)

I just heard on CNN latest breaking news that one of the British suspects has already been released, with no details given. Wonder how many more will be released? Remember when I told you that the whole thing smelled like very rotten fish, and that it came along at an opportune time for Bush-Blair et al... ? Whatever happens, those insane 'leaders' have managed to completely alienate most of the Arab world -- and sane people everywhere -- by their obsession with oil and M.E. hegemony. This is the birth of the 'new Middle East' that Ricey was crowing about... Its 'birth pangs' are creating chaos, but who cares, right? As long as PNAC can carry on with its grandiose plans and Israel does whatever it wishes ...
Anon, I didn't see your last comment before I posted mine. Yep, it may be more fun after all. However, my exposed body in all its imperfections is not a pretty sight to behold for travellers at large. :)
Annamarie, thank you for your kind words on a previous update of Scout. Will I start my own blog? I do not think so. I visit quite a few blogs. Some I know people others I do not. Although this blog is such a fun that it feels that I know people.

You are so right about the retarded leaders. The whole globe is a mess. There is paranoia but also there is a real danger everywhere because of Bush’s trigger-happy policies and his buddy in crime Tony Blair. Now Harpie has joined them.
anon, hmm, i may have to fly more often :) i think people will be more apt to go for an aisle seat rather than window :)

annamarie you're a riot! don't you know eyeglass cases are lethal weapons? the hells angels have long used them to ice guys, they fling them at your temple.

anon, not much to add to what you and annamarie say but i did find an interesting article in the georgia straight that i'll liberate and post. and if we're going to have retarded leaderes why can't they be downes syndrome, that's what i want to know.
Now it seems they’ve learned how to potentially kill two people with one bottle of shampoo. They’re taking (in Phoenix anyway) all that discarded toiletry and giving it to homeless people. Too much of a risk for flight, but I suppose our homeless have nothing left to lose anyway. Something’s wrong here…
bruce, oh christ, what a warped world! thanks for pointing that'll be good for conversation as a 'hey, get this' item. geeeeeeze, and to think we grew up thinking monster were UNDER the bed!!!
What is it with guys named Balls anyway?

Note the link at the bottom to Richard Littlemore, Scout.
Decent blog.
hey, great find alison!!!! i wonder if he's over his years old tempter tantrum about losing yet? i recall him publicly announcing that the forum brought him down (right, and it had nothing to do with being caught in the act of lying about the ogs). i recall him coming to one of my 'holistic governance' meetings and sitting there shaking his head in a 'no no no' gesture to everything i said. heh heh.

i still have the candidates answers somewhere to my questionaire on holistic (or sustainable) governenance......natch lisa was the only one to have understood it and write extensivley. i would call every other candidate's attempts 'failure'.
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