August 12, 2006


Can you guess who the STUPID PERSON is??? The winner will be sent something stupid from my household. You also get a blurb done on your blog or website if you have one. Rules are basic and over on the sidebar. I'll start with one clue...male or female...from there it's up to you.

Good questions are ones like 'is he a politician?' 'is she in the arts" 'is he still living" 'does she live in europe'...pinpointing dates, geography etc. help. I'll throw in the odd esoteric clue.


*I've liberated this idea from Dianne's Stuff 'famous dead people' at her site. She's done a great job with things but I never won on my three attempts and just got frustrated , so thought I may as well create my own.

OH, the famous stupid person will never be Bush because he's too easy a guess. START THOSE QUESTIONS!!!!!!!

Good series.
You took the best one already, Dubbya. Instead of starting other wars if he would have started a war or competition of stupidity then he would have won hands down and that would have satisfied his ego and the world would have been spared from the destruction he has caused and is causing.

Then one can go down the line and say Dick Cheney, Rumsfeld and it goes from there. However I can say more about Harpie and I will chose him. He gets elected Prime Minister by default because of screw-ups by Martin, and Jack Layton pummelling the Liberals which cost them quite a few votes. First thing he does was he plays the part of Dubbya in Canada and shows up in Afghanistan and repeats everything Dubbya ever said such as “we are not going to cut and run”. Taliban must have said who the hell is this idiot and must have decided “let us teach him a lesson”. Since then there have been killings of Canadian soldiers left and right. Previous to this maroon’s trip Canadians were usually left alone and Maple leaf saved them. No more.

Then the Israel decided to experiment with all the weaponry which Dubbya has provided them. What does Harpie say, “it is a measured response”. If this has been measured response then Armageddon should be fun and we should look forward to it. I cringed when I heard of his statement. I will be happy to pay for a moving truck if he can be moved out of 24 Sussex drive. He has brought Canada lot of shame and pain. Based on that I nominate Harpie.
anon, love your line 'if this has been measured response then armageddon should be fun'....great one!!!

actually bush is just the 'poster boy' for this contest......the person you're supposed to be guessing aat is a female.
hmmmm...don't post anonymously and she's a she? Damn rules. Okay, there are many choices, she a bottled blond hatemonger who won't come out of the closet? Mann Coulter? And I don't buy the transgendered line since she is rich enough now to get sloppy and be seen out and about with her girlfriend. And I can talk about her ickiness because I haven't had lunch yet. If right, please don't send a hookah as I'm having enough trouble keeping bongs out of my basement.
q, you already qualify for not posting anonymously. why won't she come out of the closet, or is that her finale that will earn her THE BIG BUCKS??? no worries, no hookhas here.

q, sorry I am known as anonymous on this site and I would like to remain as such.

Being a male I am always very careful what I say about a female. They have to work lot harder to become famous.

Is it Condi?

I think she has done enough harm as a Secretary of State. She is supposed to advise Bush on international affairs and look what mess we are in. She has forgotten her roots and how blacks are coping in U.S. You never hear a word from her about human rights. Now Iraqis are not treated much different than blacks in U.S. and of course the latest victims are Lebanese. She is behaving as if she is a God. She is first black female Secretary of State and she has made a mess of things. Her predecessor was way better. No wonder he had conflicts with the likes of Rumsfeld and he ultimately resigned. He was the commander in the first Iraq invasion and he knew where to stop. I suppose I can write a book on that and may be I should.
I'll play:) Is she an entertainer or a politician (or an entertaining politician)?
ps. I'm working on a page, all humans and cats are welcome.
anon....ok, you get the sole use of anon
J, only one question allowed per day, but this is the start so we'll let you off the hook.
Q, hang on , what about dogs???

Wonderful comments today! And I like quizzes, so maybe I'll put in my two-cents' worth... :)

Is she a Canadian politican?

If yes, would she be Rona Ambrose? Or maybe Michaelle Jean (Gov-Gen) for not meeting with the Clan Mothers. Oh sorry, I noticed that's two guesses...

If I win (although I'm not known for winning), you can send me anything: bongs, hookahs, dust-bunnies. I don't mind to add to the clutter I already have. The more the merrier!

BTW, I followed your suggestion and finally took off the word verification and enabled pop-up window like you have here. Should make it easier to post comments on my site. Hopefully, I won't get too much spam.
Does she have three breasts?
I might be dating myself but this reminds me of Front Page Challenge, wow I can’t believe that show ran as late 1995.

My question:
Is she Canadian?
annamarie, if you win i don't think all my dust bunnies would fit in one cage.

cheez....were you looking in the mirror again?

bruce....good gawd, i remember too well watching that show! i'll put on my pierre buron bow tie, gordon sinclaire tartan jacket and betty kennedy pearls.

Scout, too bad you allow only one guess a day.

I have one in mind who does not have three breasts but a big mouth.

bruce, great blog.
Darn, I was thinking maybe Cloris Leachman.

OK, is she bigger than a breadbox?

Yours Truly, Gordon, I mean, cheezwhiz
anon, i don't know...should i allow more questions and guesses per day???? ya, bruce has a good blog going.
cheez, er, gordon, er ......good gawd, cloris leachman, haven't heard that name in eons!!!!!!

LOL!!! :) You are all so funny! I like the 3-breasted idea. Cheez, you crack me up!

So she's not a Canadian and does not have 3 breasts, and we already know that she's neither Rice nor Coulter... Hmmm.. And she's sort considered a politician... and VERY STUPID. Now that has me really wondering...

Scout, since I like dust-bunnies and keep them for pets don't worry about not having a big enough cage. You could always transport them a few at a time... :)

till tomorrow, g'night all!
A "considered" politician, could it be Hilary Clinton, who seems to be a sucker for political punishment and still supports the "boys" in Iraq? By the way our Aussie pollies can stay in the game as long as they are alive (sort of) and are re-elected. And she (Clinton) doesn't have 3 breasts and is a bit bigger than a toaster.
Mind you it could be our Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer , who has been known to enjoy a bit of cross dressing!?
A "considered" politician, could it be Hilary Clinton, who seems to be a sucker for political punishment and still supports the "boys" in Iraq? By the way our Aussie pollies can stay in the game as long as they are alive (sort of) and are re-elected. And she (Clinton) doesn't have 3 breasts and is a bit bigger than a toaster.
Mind you it could be our Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer , who has been known to enjoy a bit of cross dressing!?
Who is the stupid blogger, eh? Again I press twice. Eeergh.
annamarie, ya, ya gotta love cheez's whackoness. good for you for honing on 'considered a politician'. i may send you my dust bunnies irregardless :)

austin, yer picking up from where annamarie left off and adding geography into it (though, hint, it's not australia). good gawd, howard could go on forever?!?!?!? oh i like that downer cross dresses.....a good friend of dame edith's i suppose :)

NOW SHE IS NOT HILLARY CLINTON (GET ON WITH THOSE GEOGRAPHY QUESTIONS!, age range, eg. 'is she between 18 and 30? that kind of thing).
and here's a hint because this is the first contest:

put yourself in her shoes.
Is she North American?
Imelda Marcos!
It's funny that to this day all you have to do is mention shoes and Imelda comes to mind. That was my guess too, can't think of anyone else.
Not north american! There goes my guess.

Monic Lewinsky? After you mention Clinton how can you not think of Monica.


CONGRATS TO AUSTIN!!!!!! (shit, now i have to pay for postage to australia!!! you'll get something stupid and SMALl from our household).

just think bruce, half and hour later and you could have won something stupid and bigger!
hey I don't need no prize- you gave that one away! The prize is the fun and getting something stupid. So, don't worry about posting- except more blog posts.
Good one! :):)

In my view though the dim-witted woman on earth at this time is Condi. She is doing lot more damage. She is the most powerful woman in the world as being secretary of state of a super power. She is squandering that power. She has forgotten the fate of minorities in U.S and internationally she is siding with tyrants like Israel. In my view she is the dim-witted woman in the world. She could have done lot of good in the world but instead she is doing lot of harm.

IMMELDA MARCOS! wasteful but not harmful to the same extent.

It is not to differ but express my frustrations with the situation in the world.
Good one, Scout and congrats to Austin! :)

I agree with anon that Condi is the #1 stupid woman on this planet. Indeed, she squanders all that power by being nothing but Bush's lap-dog. She is a disgrace to her gender, her race, her country. I hope historians will remember her in that light.

Btw, when is the next contest??
poor old Imelda, not bad, stupid or harmful enough. Here are some pearls of wisdom from the First Lady.
I used to think that Condi was one of the dumbest people on earth and her rise to the top had to be based on her knowing when to say yes. Her academic accomplishments have wowed her stupid stunned colleagues and that's how she got ahead, but there is no way she is qualified for her jobs with her theoretical education. She’s not dumb, she’s just the wrong person.

Her boss on the other hand... He picked her.
I take that last comment back. After listening to some of the statements she's made over the years, I realize I'm being too kind. Nobody in the history of US politics has uttered so much BS as Condi. I hate it when I try to be kind.
austin, don't forget to email me with your address.....
and hey, i love doing write-ups, so you got that whether you like it or not :)

anon....yup, condi is the worst!!!! imelda supported her husband and contributed to the poverty of the people. she's stupid.

annamarie, condi would have been too easy. i'm choosing ones who are a little tougher to make it more of a contest. the new one's up and running, get your guesses and answers in!!!

bruce, ha, love your 'i hate it when i try to be kind' line.
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