August 14, 2006

IF Only They Were Normal - 6 - Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah

Hezbollah Leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah has a real love for Jews (ya right).

If he were normal:

"I was thinking about my brother Ehud's suggestion of jamming together. I had to dig through a lot of crap to find my old axe, but I've been working on some Garcia licks and think I can contribute somwhat decently. I hope The Big E doesn't mind a bit of intonation, the neck on this old beaut needs adjustment. I'm really looking forward to the ceasefire so we can make some music together, you know, the old bit about music being the universal language is so true. I said I'd bring the hookah if he brought the herb and the dude suggested he might have some B.C. bud. Far fuckin' out! Hee'ya, can't wait to shake the desert with some Sugaree and wake up the DeadHeads".

Excellent conversion scout, ridin that train... As a resolve for the Afghan poppy farmer issue, I've thought that a delegation of growers from B.C's hippie valley should convert their crop to something safer. Once the Afghan buds spread, hostilities should mellow in the M.E. Well, nothing else is working?
I wonder which one will blow up first, Hookah or Herbs. These days they put explosives in everything. . No carry-on hookahs or herbs.

Give Afghan brothers a chance. They should mellow the whole world. One good poppy crop and it will be done.
q, yer right you little pussy cat (heh heh, i get to click to see your page next!!) . perhaps marc emery will end up head of the u.n. and after all, t'was a time it was ALL legal.

anon, hmm, hookah or herbs, herbs or hookah? we'll have to do some scientific research :) . 'all we are saying, is give poppies a chance'. i was reading once about the process to extract the juice from poppies and make it into opium, VERY involved.
Poppies and herbs, both good suggestions. The Afghan farmers would be happy and everyone would stop fighting and mellow out instead. Wouldn't it be nice? The situtation surely wouldn't be worse than it already is...

I like Nasrallah with the guitar. Looks much better than with a rifle. Now if they all could just chill out...? :)

Scout, you are truly an expert with PhotoShop! Simply the best!!
oh my god it's GERRY!!! Gerry Garcia lives!!!
He sure does! :)
well, it's hassam channeling gerry. either that or gerry's last with was to be incarnated into the body of a look-alike muslim.
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