August 10, 2006

Paul McCartney Bumming Around with Stephen Harper

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Paul McCartney and Weather Mills have hired Prince Charles and Lady Di's divorce lawyers. Repliable sources say Weather is giving Paul the boot because of his romance with Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Who will love Paul, now that he's 64? Sad, going from an ex hooker to a neocon wanker! Looks like Steve's on top of this story, or behind it?
Paul has problems big times. Steve is already spoken for. Remember his visit to Whitehouse. He will have to compete with Dubbya.
q, well he'll still have 1/2 bilion to play with, i'm sure that will buy a lot of hands to hold....and she still loves him, ya ya ya?

anon, i don't think paul is quite fully aware that steve is only being a boy toy for him for now. however, if paul were to marry princess anne and step into the political arena, with tony gone and georgie's term up in two years, he could wait and try a serious move.
My gaydar picked up Paul long ago and Camilla's deffo a dyke. Time for the world to recognize the homo within. Thanks for including us queer folk on your blog as the backlash strengthens from the fundies.
anon two, no prob, have many many a queer friend...what would the world be without the two-spirits? camillia's a dyke? hmm....what about the queen?
Paul isn't gay. He is a womanizer and in his younger days he had all kinds of woman and has never shown any interest in men that way. After he married Linda he stayed true to her all the years they were married.
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