October 28, 2006

It's Sunday!!!! Crystal Methodist's Sermon for the day...

"Ha Hoo! Time for some teachings from Crystal. Mr. MacKay, this one's for you - as I was collecting flowers for today , who did I spy coming out from the Widow Cranston's house? Yes, a certain Mr. M. looking rather dishevelled. Naughty boy, if you could put as much in the collection plate as you paid her I promise not to tell!

From Steve 11:59, 'And ye shall not enter the home of a tart, for they are the source of all evil, just as Adam knows. Forgeteth Lilith for too many want to change her status and make her seem good. Forgeteth Mary Magdeline's image as portrayed by The daVinci Code Unbroken. Jesus loves me, this I know, for the bible told me so. Little ones to me belong so I can convert them when they're not strong. Our Father , who farts in heaven, hallowed be thy dog.'.

Mr. M., oh Mr. M, are you listening???

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