July 30, 2006

Clan Mothers Rock On - 407 error !

Women Title Holders file objection to Ontario 407 ETR highway

The uber-cool Six Nations Clan Mothers keep going on reclamation and have sent in their objection over Ontario's foreign owned Highway 407. What to look for in the near future - no more tolls. In the further future - Native Sovereignty and bands having returned to their Mother Clan , paving (pardon the pun) the way to the truest form of democracy.

The oligarchy and megalomaniacs will be crying, but not to worry, we'll console. Spread the love!

Great plan, I hate the 407 charges, having grown up in a toll free Ontario. Well I never actually grew up, but the Iroquois Constitution rocks. It reads like Lord of the Rings. Do they take Irish converts? There isn't a blood ritual, I'm a bit squeamish on that?
q, you'll have to marry in, start primping and preening now. otherwise the i.c. is a great model for canada, provinces, muni and towns, neighbourhoods, families.
Yes, the I.C. is indeed a great law for all of us, the truest form of democracy.

I like q's idea of joining and yours of marrying in. Could I marry in too?? I'm getting to really abhor our present governments of corrupt megalomanic oligarchs and the greedy, testosterone-laden, patriarchal survival-of-the-fittest society they've created... and the same goes for the sheeple who allowed them to do this. (And continue to allow them... nothing like being willingly led to the slaughter... sheesh!)
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